Caring for your Headphones with EarHugz

Protect your beatsOur headphones covers have been carefully designed to fit over a wide range of popular over-ear headphones.

When using your EarHugz, we recommend removing them after each workout and letting them dry off your headphones. Secondly, when washing them in a washing machine, we recommend using our wash bag on a gentle wash to ensure they stay in perfect condition! 

Ultra-Versatile:  They are made from a specialised stretchy fabric to allow them to fit snug.

Wired OR Wireless:  Every set of EarHugz® contains a slit to allow for a headphone connection jack or charger lead to be inserted during use.

Optimal Sound Quality:  The oval hole in the centre ensures that sweat is absorbed from around the ear whilst not impeding sound quality of your headphones.

We've tested them on many and created a handy list below for you to be certain they will fit your headphones.

Please note, if your headphones are not on the sizing chart, as a rule of thumb, the headphones that our headphone protectors fit should be:

  • On Ear Headphones = Regular 
  • Over Ear Headphones = Large
  • If you still unsure and have any further fitting enquiries, message us below! 




    Caring for your EarHugz

    Please aim to take your EarHugz off when they are sweaty and leave them to dry. They are also completely machine washable so it is good practice to wash them after every few workouts.

    Once dry, apply them to your Headphones ready for your next workout.

    We recommend using our EarHugz washpouch when washing. 

    If you have any further fitting enquiries, message us below! 

    EarHugz aim to protect and style your headphones. They are stretchy and will fit all of the above headphones, please note in some cases such as the larger over-ear headphones the fit may be quite tight.

    Please list your headphone type in the box at the bottom of the checkout page.

    Please refer to our T's and C's of purchase. 


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