Our Story

Some days it’s enough just to get the gym, to arrive physically and mentally at the place we need to be to break sweat, to get fitter, faster, leaner and stronger.


We shouldn’t have to worry about the sweat on our headphones or about the quality of our freeweights or the stretch in our resistance bands.


That’s why GymHugz is here.


Created by gym goers, for gym goers.


Whether it’s a private gym, an at-home gym, a garage gym, or wherever you workout and throw your towel, we believe that everyone deserves gym accessories that work as hard as you do.


Way back before GymHugz, before EarHugz, our CEO and boss man went through headphones like no one’s business: the pads were peeling, cracking, flaking, and smelling like something boxed-up in a funeral home.

His killer workouts were killing his favourite on-ear headphones.


So, Will decided to make a pair of moisture-resistant sweatproof headphone covers to keep his cushions fresh.  He wore them to the gym and then started making them for friends who had the same sweaty headphone problem.


An apple dropped on Newton’s head, Paul McCartney heard lyrics in his dreams, and Will had sweaty headphones.


Okay, it’s not the sexiest origin story you’ve ever heard but it did grow into EarHugz which is now GymHugz: a globally recognised brand working alongside influencers and high performing athletes to launch new fitness products and gym accessories.


We hope you love our products as much as we do.



Our mission:


We create because we relate: we’re gym goers, too.


So, don’t sweat it – our mission is to bring our customers high functioning gym accessories.


And £1 from every sale is donated to the Mental Health Foundation.