Headphone Hygiene Facts - DID YOU KNOW?

sanitary headphonessanitary headphone covers

At EarHugz® we believe in health and hygiene, that's why all our headphone covers are bacteria resistant and machine washable to kill the nasty bacteria build up caused by sweat, make-up and repeat use.

Here's the research on the matter: 

  • Studies show in ear earphones are bad for the ear canal, they damage the ear drum and increase the risk of ear infection
  • Wearing headphones for sweat inducing activities cause bacteria build up, acne and nasty skin infections
  • Wearing headphones for just an hour increases the bacteria in your ear by up to 700%
  • Wearing saturated headphones (with a build up of sweat and bacteria) repeatedly for a week produces the equivalent amount of bacteria to wearing the same pants every day for a year!
  • A pair of EarHugz® will prevent bacteria soaking into your headphone cushions and will dramatically reduce the spread of germs, acne, lice, skin disease and infection.

Pants on Head 

Don't wear pants on your head...

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