The Benefits of Sweat Protecting Headphone Covers

sweat proof headphone cover trio

Not many have heard about sweat proof earphone covers, and you, like most, may be wondering what they are… EarHugz® are designed and manufactured in the UK providing buyers with the best of British! Have a read then if you feel like you’ve had an EarHugz® shaped hole in your life, view our full range of headphone covers and fill the void.

How do EarHugz Headphone Covers Work?

It is no secret that headphones are delicate and in most cases pretty pricey. With little sweat resistance, over time moisture can seep into the headphone causing it to malfunction, and suddenly lose sound. When that happens, you lose money and time as you have to re-order a pair- not ideal. To minimise this problem, our sweat proof covers use wicking fabric to shield the headphones, protecting them for longer.

The wicking material works by using capillary action, which is possible through the fabrics careful construction. There are small capillaries embedded in the fabric that helps redirect moisture away from the headphones, towards the outer layer of the fabric where it dries.

For those wondering, ‘Aren't they likely to smell after a while?’ every pair of EarHugz® is machine washable so you’ll be able to look fresh and smell fresh every time.

Health Benefits of EarHugz

Do you suffer from spots or rashes near or around the ears? If you do, you might be suffering from an allergic reaction. This is totally not ideal and can be prevented with a good skin regime and a pair of EarHugz®*. People with delicate skin get rashes because the moisture stays on the skin for too long. This irritates the skin and can help cultivate bacteria that lead to skin issues.

The wicking fabric should definitely help push away the troubling moisture and keep your skin free of issues. No one likes to deal with issues they don't want to explain later, especially on or near the face where it's hard to hide.

*Note: we are not claiming EarHugz® diminish breakouts. However, the fabric we use is fast drying and machine washable, lowering the risk of bacteria building up in your pores as you sweat.

Who Benefits From Sweat Proof Covers?

If you're someone who doesn't want to buy new headphones prematurely and loves to save money, you should definitely consider these covers. They come in a range of colours and prints that really reflect your personality. Better still, every pair is reversible so you can dress it up with a vibrant print or play it down with the subtle black on the other side.

It should also be noted that those who workout at the gym or outside will definitely find these covers useful since sweat will happen at some point. Girls we've got you covered too, shades like Red Mist and Blue Marble are great at hiding makeup stains so you can rock that contour without a care in the world. For the avid runner, our Pink Camo print glows in the dark, making road running that bit safer as your headphone covers will light up the streets.

Of course, there are other people who might enjoy some of the cover's benefits like gamers. People who play professionally or semi-professionally can spend hours indoors, and it can get warm at times, especially when the game gets intense. This is when good sweatproof headphone covers might come in handy. If all else fails, the bright print will distract your competitor long enough for you to make the winning move.

It goes without saying that those who model or are involved in arts that require you to be in front of a camera might also consider these covers to keep your skin impeccable because you know just how important it is. Suitable for anyone, these one size fits most, headphone covers make a perfect gift for you or a friend.

EarHugz® are a stylish accessory, every headphone owner should own. Stay on trend with your own pair of sweatproof headphone huggerz!

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