How To Protect Your Headphones

wear my beats in the gym

Why Buy Headphone Covers?

These Beats headphone covers protect and style your headphones

Would you wear the same pair of underwear every day?  No that's gross, right!  Well, now imagine all the build up on your headphone cups after you've worn them regularly.  That spongey material soaking up all that icky sweat and gross bacteria and then having that rub on your face again the next time you wear them.  Yuk!

We all love listening to music; we can listen to music everywhere while driving, exercising, gaming, cycling and even some of us while studying. While embarking on those activities, we do sweat,  whereby we may damage our headphones once they are in contact with sweat. EarHugz headphone covers are is the hygienic way to enjoy your music in any environment as well as protecting your headphone investment.  EarHugz are innovative sweat proof headphones covers designed and manufactured in the UK and being worn all around the world!

These on ear headphone covers will protect and style your headphones

1. Sweat Breaks Headphones!

These Sony QuietComfort headphone covers will protect and style your headphones.

Thats right.  The most common cause of headphone repairs and breakdowns in 2017... Sweat Damage!

Buying EarHugz - hygienic headphone covers will ensure you enjoy your music everywhere you go. Interestingly, our range of sweat-proof headphone covers offer various features. Need hygienic sweat proof headphone covers for your exercise? Then EarHugz sweat protecting headphone covers are for you.  Kind to skin, completely re-washable and sweat resistant, they will absorb the sweat away from the fragile electric components.

Why spend all that money on headphones when you can't even wear them in the gym or doing what you love? Buy a pair of EarHugz get them protect them now.

Designed by fitness enthusiasts and audiophiles, EarHugz® fit nearly all types of headphones including the full Beats by Dre range as well as Sony, Sennheiser, JBL, Skullcandy and many more. View the full list to see if they fit your headphones here.

These headphone covers feature a 'TrueSound Hole' to ensure that the sound quality of the headphones is not affected or muffled in any way, as well as featuring a small hole for a jack to jack input if you have wired headphones. Whatever your headphones, you can enjoy them the way they were intended. EarHugz® ensure your headphones are protected from sweat, bacteria and make up whilst and maximising the clarity and sound balance so you are immersed in your workout without the worry of your headphones getting ruined.  Workout hard and listen to your music, worry free.

These over ear headphone covers will protect and style your headphones.

2. Beats, Bose, Turtle Beach, Sony, SkullCandy Headphone Covers.

These Skullcandy headphone covers will protect and style your headphones

Sweat damage was the number one cause of headphone repairs in 2017. Headphones need to be protected from sweat. Whichever headphones you have, these Beats Wireless, Bose QuietComfort, Turtle Beach, Sony or SkullCandy headphone covers are made of soft , comfortable and high quality materials.  Available in a range of 6 colours, they are a perfect fit for your headphones.

These Beats headphone covers are easy to install and fit snug straight over your headphones.  They do not hinder the actual sound of your headphones in any way and allow them to be used whilst working out or performing sweaty activities - whatever it is you get up to.

Available for international delivery, wherever you are in the World, you can enjoy EarHugz®.

These JBL headphone covers will protect and style your headphones.

3. Increase the life of your Headphones.  Protect your investment with EarHugz®

These Turtle Beach headphone covers will protect and style your headphones.

The prices for our sweat proof headphone covers are favourable starting from as low as $20. Which is a small price to pay when they can increase the life span of your favourite headphones, preventing sweat and bacteria damage the need for many years to come.

Having a pair of sweat proof headphone covers solves so many annoying challenges from our daily routine. Buying a set of EarHugz is a smart decision to will protect your investment and prevent the build up of bacteria on your headphones. We offer fast international delivery, and a product that people are loving all around the world.  Head over to our instagram page to see for yourself:

EarHugz® are the best brand for sweat proof headphone covers. For every sale we issue a £1 donation to The Mental Health Foundation.

See our range and shop now at

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