What are Seamless Leggings?


Gym wear is more popular than ever. 

Many of us now wear it as much outside the gym as we do inside.  And why not?  It looks great and can offer a flattering fit especially in the summer when cropped-tees, crop-tops and leggings can fit seamlessly into our warmer weather wardrobes.

We all want to look good when we’re working out.  There’s scientific evidence, too, suggesting that what we wear can influence how well we perform. If we look good, then we feel more confident and that can translate into better workouts.

That’s one reason we’re so excited to have a new range of gym wear in our online store.  There’s something for everyone.  We’ve got bold colours and pastel ombres. We’re got full gym sets and compression wear, too.

Seamless gym wear is one of the new additions into the store so we wanted to look more closely at what seamless leggings are and why they’re becoming so popular.


What are Seamless Leggings?

seamless leggings

A seam is the line of stitches joining two pieces of material together. Take a look at what you’re wearing now. It’s highly likely you’re wearing an outfit with multiple seams.

Seamless leggings don’t have a join. They’re made from a single piece of fabric. This creates a smooth and tighter fit over the leg, but it’s not just leggings that are seamless. You can buy seamless crop-tops, shorts and t-shirts, too. Compression clothing can also be seamless as can base layers and thermal wear.


Are Seamless Leggings Flattering?

Seamless leggings can be incredibly flattering. They offer a tight fit and create a smooth silhouette. If you’ve been working out and building definition, seamless leggings can really show off the contours in your legs. Of course, not everyone feels comfortable in leggings.  Putting on a longer T-shirt or hoodie can make leggings a little less intimidating if you’re worried about the fit at the top of the leg or the hip.


Why are Seamless Leggings Good?


  • Working out in the gym puts a lot of pressure on the seams.  Seamless leggings, made from a single piece of material, are more durable and less likely to rip or tear when pulled. They also move with the body during exercise so should mean fewer distractions when you’re working out.
  • Seams can irritate the skin especially when we’re moving around a lot.  By removing the seams, it creates a closer fit but also removes the source of the irritation. 
  • Seamless leggings are lightweight and that’s always a good thing when we’re exercising.

  • Seamless leggings are tight-fitting and they come in a wide range of designs and colours. You’ll often find that you can match the leggings to a crop-top or T-shirt.

  • If you’re working out around weights or gym machinery, then seamless leggings make it harder for your clothing to get caught up in things or to bunch up and be a distraction as you exercise.

What are Seamless Ribbed Leggings?

seamless ribbed leggings for the gym

Ribbed clothing is a type of knit that’s also becoming more popular in gym fashion wear.  It’s easily recognisable because the ribs run vertical down the length of the clothing. 

The ribbing allows the garment to stretch which is what makes it so useful when worn during exercise. It’s also a different style and a way of diversifying your gym fashion wear.

 We'd love you to check out the new additions in our store. 




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