Sweat-Proof Headphone Covers: Ear Hugs Launches New Range

EarHugz Sweat Proof Headphone Covers New Range


Protect your headphones from sweat damage with the awesome new range from EarHugz: SIX limited edition designs that not only colour your sound but help protect it, too.

Ear Hugs are headphone covers that prevent sweat from damaging the cushioning and internal electronics of your headphones.  One size fits most models including Beats, Bose, Sony, Sennheiser, Philips and Skullcandy.

Sweat KILLS headphones but Ear Hugs are THE gym accessory to be seen with right now.  Don’t believe us? Check out the EarHugz movie to see what the hype is all about.



Of course, they don’t just protect against moisture damage. EarHugz also help to prevent exercise-induced acne and can help to reduce your chances of developing a middle-ear infection if you’re prone to getting them due to regular headphone use.

Wear makeup during exercise? Earhugz will prevent foundation and powder stains from staining the leather cushions and are fully washable.

Ear Hugs might come in more colours and themes than before but there’s no change to the Ultra-Stretch, MAX-DRI™ + Machine Washable fabric and fit.  This superb protection hasn’t been altered and neither has the £1 donated by EarHugz to the Mental Health Foundation for every pair sold.

Like the look of one of the new designs? Move quickly, because these are LIMITED EDITION and won’t be around forever. The new range offers something for all tastes and motivations.  It doesn’t matter why you find yourself in the gym, on the trail or out and about, we’ve got you and your headphones covered.




PEACHY is ideal for those days when you’re working on your glutes. This fun and fresh peach emoji design will stick with you through every squat reminding you of what’s at stake the next time you slide into a pair of leggings or skinny jeans. On the days when it’s the last thing on your mind, the design (as with all Ear Hugs) is fully reversible to black and perfect for the more serious workouts.


Brexit EarHugz Gym Headphones



Brexit EarHugz Headphones Sweat


BREXIT Ear Hugs win the popular vote every time.  Its weathered texture and bold statement of power is as British as builder’s tea, black pudding and washed out bank holiday weekends.  Whether you’re a remainer or a leaver, this kind of power play will help you bear the weight of any workout.




RED CAMO looks great in the gym, but this is one for the gamers, too.  Match it with the red camo skin on Call of Duty: Black Ops and go into the field looking en point. Go all-in and combine this sick urban camouflage print with the red Beats headband.


Hawaii EarHugz Headphone Cover Sweat


Say aloha to HAWAII and bring the Pacific hula paradise to your winter workout.  This design is the perfect colour blast on those wintery mornings when de-icing takes almost as long as a flight to Honolulu. This is one of our favourite designs and if we were scoring it on a scale of one to fifty, then it would definitely get a bit fat HAWAII 5-0.


Tropical EarHugz Sweat Headphone



TROPICAL - You won’t B-leaf these bad boys.  The simple but bold palm leaf design is ideal for headphones with a white headband.  As your workout heats up, you can be sure that your cans will be protected from moisture damage whilst maintaining an ice cold aesthetic.



 BLACK GOLD -  Superb on black headband headphones, these will have you going for GOLD in every workout.  Bold and stylish, these are fully reversible to black on those days when you’re feeling a little more bronze or silver.

Want a closer look? Visit the EarHugz Store

Of course, ALL EarHugz are fully reversible to black, and the new range offers a custom feature so you can add your own personal text to your headphone covers.




And don’t forget that all your old favourites are still available, too:  GREEN CAMO for those who like to go to war with their workout. RED MIST is as red-hot as ever and ideal for psyching yourself up to push further and faster.  THE BANDIT is a personal favourite of many customers as something of an anti-hero and the ideal alternative to THE SUPERHERO: a lighter and brighter all action hero choice. PINK CAMO might seem something of a softer option to the other bolder camo choices, but it’s perfect if you prefer to be underestimated by your opponent. BLUE MARBLE is an altogether cooler tone for those working out with ice in their veins.  

Why not buy THREE different designs and enjoy FREE worldwide shipping.





To celebrate the launch of the new range, we’re also hosting monthly challenges where you can compete against other people and prove your mettle. We want to see what you’re made of and we want to see you work up a sweat.  The #EarHugz45Challenge is where you get to compete against others for not only bragging rights but the chance to win a pair of customised EarHugz.

The rules are simple: Each month a different challenge is posted.  September’s challenge is push-ups. Complete as many reps in 45 seconds as you can and record it.  Nominate a friend using #EarHugzChallenge45 and see where you are on the leaderboard. The top-dog each month wins. Come back the following month for another challenge and the chance to see your name at the number one ranking.  


Peaches EarHugz Gym Headphone 


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