Sweat Covers for Beats Headphones


Everyone sweats.  Sweating into Beats headphones isn’t pleasant but perspiration is an important function of the body, and it’s particularly vital during exercise.  

Sweat is mostly water but it does include the chemical ammonia as well as sugar and salts.  The pores in our skin produce sweat when our bodies begin warming up but it’s not the moisture that’s keeping us cool but the process of our sweat being evaporated into the air.

If you’re regularly wearing Beats headphones, then one of the biggest issues is that sweat is corrosive.  The damage won’t be noticeable initially but is likely to build up over time.  You’ll probably find that the life expectancy of your Beats will be diminished if you regularly sweat in them. If you’ve ever worn a watch during exercise, then you’re probably already familiar with just how corrosive sweat can be as the backplate often rusts as it sits directly against the wrist.

We tend to sweat more during exercise.  If you’re wearing your Beats workout headphones, then you’re going to feel moisture against your ears.  People choose to wear on-ear or over-ear headphones during any number of intense exercises: running, brisk walking, weight lifting, cycling, spinning and aerobics to name but a few.  It can be tempting to switch to in-ear headphones.  Certainly, they’re one of the more popular ways to enjoy music in the gym.  They’re portable and less likely to be damaged by excessive sweating. They’re often cheaper, too, and this will appeal to anyone who’s had to retire a pair of Beats before their time.  The problem is that earphones aren’t for everyone in the gym. Many people find them uncomfortable and ill-fitting.  You shouldn’t have to make a choice between headphones and earphones solely because of sweat damage.

Beats Headphones No Sweat Covers

This isn’t a problem that’s specific to Beats.  Headphone sweat affects almost all brands including Bose, Sony and Sennheiser.  Most manufacturers actually advise against wearing their headphones in the gym; they know that sweat is a killer and you’ll probably find that any exercise-related damage won’t be covered under warranty.

Some companies have developed on-ear headphones that are sweat resistant.  Under Armor, for example, teamed up with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to create headphones specifically marketed towards weight lifters.  The problem is that these headphones won’t appeal to everyone and they’re not particularly useful to those wanting to wear headphones outside the gym.

How Can Sweat Ruin Beats Headphones?

Sweat damage can affect Beats headphones in two ways.  Firstly, sweat can seep into the cushions of the headphone.  Imagine you’re wearing a cotton T-shirt and going hard on the treadmill. You start sweating and the moisture just sits there, right? It’s damp and uncomfortable and it’s pretty unsightly, too.  There may even be an unpleasant smell. This is what happens on the cushions of your headphones during exercise: the moisture has nowhere to go other than to be wiped off the leather or slowly absorbed into it.  The cushioning will begin to crack and look unsightly. Eventually, it’ll start smelling.

Beats are attractive headphones so it seems unlikely that having spent all those pounds or dollars you’re going be happy letting them get into that kind of state.  And if they do? How often can you afford to keep replacing them?

Secondly, moisture and electronics don’t mix. If sweat is getting inside the internal components of the headphones, then it can wreak havoc on what makes them work efficiently.  You might find that the sound drops in and out. Perhaps one cup sounds better than the other. Eventually, they’ll stop working altogether.

In addition to these problems, you may also experience exercise-induced acne caused by sweat sitting between the skin and the headphone cushion.  It’s a perfect environment to spread bacteria.  Those prone to middle-ear infections may also find that they become sicker more frequently.

What Are Sweat Covers for Beats Headphones?

Sweat-resistant headphone covers —  something like EarHugz —  are the easiest way to protect your headphones from sweat damage.  There are few brands available to buy on the internet but it’s worth considering these points before you pick which to wear.

The headphone covers should be moisture-wicking.  This means that they’ll be made from a synthetic material designed to remove sweat quickly.  Wicking is used in a lot of sport and gym wear. Simply put, the weave of the material pushes moisture away from the body carrying it towards the surface of the fabric where it’s more easily evaporated.  Compare this to cotton where sweat tends to stick around for much longer. Wicking will keep sweat off your cushions and away from the delicate internal components of your headphones. EarHugz for example, uses Ultra-Stretch, MAX-DRI™ fabric on its headphone covers.


Sweat covers should be easy to put on and take off again.  The easier something is the more likely it is that you’ll keep using it.  You don’t want anything too fiddly or covers that keep slipping off.

They should be machine-washable, too.  This means that they’re re-usable rather than disposable which is better for your ears, your pocket and for the environment. This makes them hygienic, too, so you can pop them in the washing whenever you need to and they won’t take long to dry.

Headphone covers should be affordable.  You’ve already paid for your Beats headphones.  Any additional expenses should be minimal and reflective of the fact that you’re buying an accessory.  In the UK, Beats Solo3 headphones are around £249.99 — so a quality pair of covers should cost between £15 and £20.

The sweat-covers should look good.  Why? Because Beats look good when you’re wearing them.  You don’t want a design that’s ugly or one that detracts from the lines and curves.  Headphone covers should be made with style and substance in mind. EarHugz, for example, have a range of superb designs but all the covers are completely reversible to black —  so whatever your mood or aesthetic you can find a cover that will suit your cans.



We’re biased.  We LOVE EarHugz because they were designed to solve a simple problem: how to stop sweat damaging Beats headphones.  These sweat covers fit the ENTIRE Beats range working with both wireless and wired headphones.

We’re big believers, too, in the benefits of exercise for improving mental health and wellbeing which is why for every pair sold £1 is donated to the Mental Health Foundation. It’s an organisation doing amazing things to support those living with mental health conditions.  


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Which EarHugz would you pair with your EarHugz?  Drop us a comment below. 

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