Seamless Gym Shorts: Part of the GymHugz Range


Ready to make a bold statement in the gym?

Our new gym fashion range includes seamless gym shorts. We love them.  We know that you will, too. Offering a super-flattering cut and in a range of colours, they’re the confidence boost we all need after the COVID-19 gym closures.

In a hurry?

Go straight to the GymHugz seamless gym shorts range do not pass go.  Do not collect $200. 

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What are seamless gym shorts?

A seam is a line of stitches joining two pieces of fabric together. Most clothing will have a seam running down the inside of each leg as it’s a common practice in the manufacturing industry. Seamless gym shorts don’t have any seams because they’re made from a single piece of fabric.

It’s not just shorts that can be made this way but a wide range of sportswear including seamless leggings, t-shirts and crop tops.


Why should I wear seamless gym shorts?

Seamless clothing has several benefits over regular gym wear.

  • Seams can irritate the skin.  Moving around and sweating during exercise can cause friction between your body and the seams in the clothing you’re wearing.  This can be uncomfortable.  Seamless clothing can help reduce this from happening.

  • Moving around a lot during exercise can cause a seam to stretch and then weaken.  Over time, it may rip or split.

  • Seamless clothing has a flattering cut.  It gives a smooth silhouette and can help boost confidence.  It’s also a great way to show off the definition you’ve achieved working out.  We’ve been interested before in the idea of enclothed cognition.  It’s a scientific term that looks at how what we wear (and how we perceive it) can influence how well we perform during exercise.   People who think they look good in what they wear have been shown to perform better.  You shouldn’t underestimate the power that psychology can have over how you work out and clothing can influence how we feel about exercise, too.  Seamless gym sets can make anyone feel more athletic and badass. 

  • Seamless clothing often gives a greater range of motion.  This is key to ensuring you’re not distracted during a workout by pulling your shorts down or having to keep tucking in a long t-shirt.  Using gym equipment may also be safer with tighter fitting sportswear because it’s less likely to get caught up in anything.  


woman in seamless gym shorts


Is it OK to wear shorts to the gym?



Many people wear shorts when working out.  For some, it’s a personal preference.  For others, it’s because they believe it helps them work out harder.   Wear what you feel comfortable in. Seamless gym shorts or full yoga pants – who cares?  Seamless gym shorts tend not to ride up the leg as easily as other types do because they’re more form-fitting.  It’s worth trying a pair out before hitting the gym if you’re super self-conscious because you don’t want to feel uncomfortable when you get to your class or session.

The air conditioning is brutal in some fitness centres so some people may prefer leggings but it will come down to personal choice. Equally, some people prefer bare legs for a better view of what their leg muscles are doing as it can be difficult to ensure correct posture or form in looser clothing.

 gym clothing for women


How short should gym shorts be?

It’s a tricky one.  Shorts should be as short as you want them to be. Of course, you don’t want to be indecent but sometimes shorter is better.  It may depend on the type of workout you’re doing.  Short-shorts during squats or lunging could be an issue for some people but not for others.   Seamless gym shorts won’t restrict movement as much but you may still want to try them out before hitting the class or gym if you’re worried.  Runners tend to wear shorter shorts because excess fabric can create friction and irritate the skin.  Cross-fitters usually opts for a longer short because the explosive movements they do could cause shorter shorts to rip.

Is it better to wear tight or loose clothing when working out?

You need to make sure you have a full range of motion when exercising.  This should dictate whether you’re better off wearing something with a tighter or looser fit than something else.  Comfort will also be important.  Anyone self-conscious in tighter fitting clothing might prefer looser shirts and leggings so they can focus on their workout rather than feel awkward or uncomfortable.


Ready to take a look at our range?  You can style the shorts out by pairing them with a cropped top, and we have seamless leggings if you’re not sure about shorts.  Hoodies and jackets are available, too,  and gyms socks.  Looking for something masculine?  We’ve got men’s compression clothing and plenty more.  And of course, we’re still selling our moisture-resistant headphone covers.



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