How to Protect Bose QuietComfort Headphones from Sweat Damage

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Sweat is corrosive.

If you wear your Bose QuietComfort headphones in the gym, then sweat is going to ruin them. It might not be today or tomorrow but it'll happen and sooner than you'd expect. Moisture isn't good for electronics and the salt in your sweat will break down the cushioning of your headphones. At first, you might start to notice an odour, and then you'll become low-key obsessed with finding ways to clean your cups: baking powder, white vinegar, laundry sheets... Fabreeze (yeah, don't use Fabreeze, okay?) are all offered as solutions to those desperate for answers on Google.

And if none of those work then what?

Noise-cancelling be damned, who wants to work out with headphones that smell like a Soviet shot-putters armpit? And t
he worst part? The Bose warranty doesn't cover sweat damage.

Shirtless Boxer Sweating in Gym

In the gym, sweat isn't something to be avoided but embraced. It's sort of the point, isn't it? The sign of a good workout, sweating usually means that your body is getting stronger, that you're working harder, getting closer to your goal.

And working out with music makes sense because we know it can have performance-enhancing qualities. So there's the conundrum: how do you work out with your Bose Quiet Comfort headphones in the gym without ruining them?

Bose has a reputation for manufacturing first-class noise-cancelling headphones. If you've bought a pair, then it's unlikely it was done on a whim. You'd probably thought about them a lot before you made your purchase. You probably did your research and imagined scenarios of when and where you'd wear them, and with a price tag of £329.99, it was a sensible thing to do. There's every chance that you even thought about using them in the gym.

It makes sense.

It's a shame then that Bose does not recommend working out with their Quiet Comfort headphones. Use our Bose Soundsport headphones instead, they say, but if you wanted in-earphones or earbuds, then wouldn't you have bought those in the first place?

So you've just spent over £300 on headphones only to find that they're crap for the gym and you need to spend almost £200 for earphones that you can use.


Bose's answer is, at least, honest, and the company isn't the only one whose products don't hold up well to sweat damage. It's the same with Sony, Beats and Philips, too, but there has to be something we can do to protect our sound, to maintain superior audio quality, to keep our headphones in good condition for years to come workout after workout.

 You Could Leave Your Bose Headphones at Home

This is what Bose is essentially saying to you: don't work out in these headphones.

What other option do you have? Stop working out altogether? Leaving them behind will 100% save them from the damage caused by excess moisture. It isn't a helpful response though, is it? Because now you're stuck at the gym without anything to listen to OR you've spent more money on a pair of sweat-proof earphones that you probably didn't want in the first place OR you've bought a pair of cheap headphones to work out in (which is ridiculous when you've got a pair of noise-cancelling Bose's sitting in your gym locker).

We can do better than that.


Snap on a pair of EarHugz 

You already have headphones. The solution to protecting them from sweat damage can't be buying another pair. The answer can't be in leaving them in your gym locker, either. Thankfully, there's a way to protect your headphones whilst you're working out: EarHugz.

EarHugz are anti-bacterial, machine washable, sweat resistant, fully reversible headphone covers that offer a simple solution to the big problem of damage caused by excessive sweating.

And they're WAY cheaper than buying a replacement pair of Bose's.

What's also pretty cool is that £1 from every sale goes directly to the Mental Health Foundation, so when you buy a pair of EarHugz you're not just protecting your sound but supporting the work of one of the UK's biggest mental health charities, too.

Switch to Earphones  

This advice isn't helpful for those of us who don't enjoy using earphones or earbuds to stream our playlists. Everyone's ear canals are different, so it's not surprising that earphones can be hard to keep in during exercise. If you're trying to focus on what you're doing, then pushing the bud back in is far from ideal.
If earphones do work for you, however, then have at it.

Sound quality has come a long way in recent years, and there's a huge variety of brands to choose between, everything from the very disposable poundshop sets right up to the Bose SoundSports costing around £200. If you're replacing your Bose headphones with a cheaper earphone, however, then you're probably going to feel the sacrifice in one of two places: in your wallet or in your ear. 

Tone Down Your Workout and Stop Sweating so Much.

Yeah, okay.


Wipe Your Headphones Down at the End of Each Workout.

Odour is caused by a build-up of bacteria, so it makes sense to wipe the cushions down at the end of each workout. It should help them to stay fresher for longer, but it's not going to help prevent the damage inside. The Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless II headphones have replaceable cups which is useful if the sweat damage is just odour related rather than internal BUT it pays to be proactive and a pair of EarHugz are a lot cheaper than a replacement part.

Female Weightlifter

Bose is popular for a reason: the headphones offer superb noise-cancelling technology. Maybe that's what makes it so frustrating when you're advised to leave them behind during your workout.

But you don't have to pay for your headphones in sweat, because EarHugz are THE best way to protect your sound from moisture meaning you can workout to music, podcasts or audiobooks time and time again.

EarHugz fit the ENTIRE Bose range, too.


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