Headphone Earpad Covers for Girly Girls


Girl wearing girly fluffy headphone covers


Headphone design can be pretty masculine: hard plastic edges in corporate colours with synthetic leather cushions like brown or black or cream.

Some headphones have bold or ‘fun’ element to their design but not everyone wants to wear neon yellow or pillar-box red cans.

Google girly girl headphones and you’ll usually see ones inspired by unicorns or covered in faux fur, but sometimes we want girly girl to be more feminine than childish.

They make a great gift for someone, too, especially if the person has just bought their first pair of premium headphones.

And if that person is about to start exercising in their on-ear or over-ears cans, then we’d absolutely recommend adding a pair of covers.

Headphones are built to be durable but sweat-damage can massively reduce their lifespan.   


What are Headphone Covers?


People add covers to headphones for a number of reasons:


  • Too add a colour of design to the cushions To prevent makeup staining the earpads.

  • To stop sweat from seeping into the headphone and making it smell unpleasant.

  • To reduce exercise-related acne by wicking sweat away from the face and ears.

  • To protect the material from moisture or sun damage
  • You can even add fluffy earmuff covers to your headphones to keep your ears warm during the winter.


Headphone covers are usually made from synthetic materials like polyester or spandex.  This makes them not only stretchy, and therefore easier to fit, but it also makes them moisture resistant.  Sweat is corrosive, and if you exercise regularly wearing on-ear or over-ear headphones eventually the earpads will start peeling and you’ll be left with an unpleasant smell.

EarHugz are made with Ultra Stretch Max-Dri machine washable fabric which means they’ll prevent sweat damage and keep stains from ruining your headphones.

They also come in a wide range of designs suitable for all kinds of girly girls meaning they’re the ultimate headphone accessory.

We’d love to show you a small sample of our favourite girly girl designs.



These sweet and tasty headphone covers add a pop of pink and sprinkles to your earpads.  You do-nut want to miss this chance to add snack-based inspiration to your cushions.



Peachy We love a good emoji and we’re sure you do, too.  Peachy isn’t just for girls who enjoy squatting. They add a sense of fun whatever you’re wearing them for.


Cotton Candy EarSnugz are part of the earmuff headphone collection and they’re designed to keep your ears toasty warm even in the coldest weather.  If you suffer from Otalgia, they can really help to reduce the amount of pain you’re feeling during the winter months. Cotton Candy and White Rabbit are two of the most popular colours for EarSnugz but you’ll also find black and grey in our online store, too.



Add a little ombre to your headphones with this fantasy-inspired design. Remember that you can always revers EarHugz designs to grey whenever you feel like dipping back into a more subtle headphone aesthetic.




Razzle Dazzle was aptly named by an EarHugz Instagram follower and we love the high energy, 80s neon, dayglo zebra, sour snake vibe.



For girly girls more into the macabre, there’s our sugar skull design which adds glamour to a rather ghoulish theme.



Hawaii is a feminine design featuring some of Hawaii’s indigenous flowers.  There’s nothing like bringing a little Pacific surf to your study sessions or to your open-plan office, endless morning commute or workout.



Leopard Print has to be one of the more divisive designs: you either love it or hate it. It’s been a fashion staple for some people for decades and it shows no sign of waning in its popularity. Leopard print is particularly well suited to black headphones and can compliment black coats and jackets.



Pink Camo is one of the most feminine designs on the website.  A simple grey background is accented with pink adding a girly touch to what is so often associated with masculinity. It goes particularly well with grey and silver headphones.


To see the different designs in action, check out the EarHugz Instagram.


Whatever your gender of whether you’re a girly girl or not there’s plenty of other designs on the EarHugz website both in the EarHugz sweat-proof collection and the EarSnugz range. 


EarHugz Range


Women looking for a more mature or more masculine prints might be interested in Green Camo or Brexit or Beast EarHugz.



Remember, too, that all the designs can be inverted to grey so you don’t have to stick with the same print every day.  EarHugz are easy to add to and remove from your cushions and they’re machine washable making them hygienic.

And for every pair purchased £1 is donated to the Mental Health Foundation.

Which girly girl design is your favourite? 


Drop us a comment below and tell us which one you’re taking home.

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