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With the northern hemisphere heading into the season of BBQs and bikinis, it might seem a little odd to be thinking about headphone earmuff covers BUT as John Snow was fond of saying —  winter is coming.  And if you’re south of the equator then the colder weather has probably already arrived.

What Are Earmuffs?

There are two types of earmuff: thermal and acoustic.  

Thermal earmuffs are designed to keep the ear warm in cold weather.  

Acoustic earmuffs (or ear defenders) are worn to help protect a person’s hearing from loud noises.  For the purposes of this post, we’re interested in the former — thermal earmuffs.

The man behind the modern earmuff was Chester Greenwood. Frustrated at skating on the frozen ponds of his hometown and always having cold ears, Greenwood designed a V-shaped swivel hinge to keep insulated material pressed against the ear. Earmuffs had previously been loose and uncomfortable.

What Are Earmuff Headphone Covers?

An earmuff headphone cover goes over the earpad and is secured against the cup using a toggle system.  Often it’s made from fleece or from thermal grade material. It doesn’t alter the appearance of the headphone too greatly and, as an accessory that you add to your existing headphones, it saves you having to buy a completely new pair of cans.


Why Would I Need Furry Headphone Covers?

Ears are vulnerable to cold weather because they don’t have fat covering them. You may be used to wearing a hat in the winter but if you’re also wearing headphones it can be awkward and uncomfortable. Extreme ear pain in cold weather is called otalgia and the pain it causes can be sharp and hard; it can also be felt as a dull ache.  Otalgia usually disappears once you start warming up but for some people, it’s a condition that occurs frustratingly often.  Furry headphone covers mean you can enjoy wearing your headphones even in the cold weather.

You might also want to lift the appearance of your headphones.  EarSnugz come in 4 colours. Maybe you don’t suffer unduly from cold ears but you want to change the look of your headphones without having to replace them with another set.

Headphone earmuff covers

Why Don’t I Just Buy Earmuff Headphones?

You could but the build and sound quality on earmuff headphones is often pretty poor.

There are a lot of reasons why you might choose a specific headphone to buy: sound quality, comfort, price, technology, noise-cancellation etc.  You might also pick it on the colour and style, on its design or the way it sits on your melon.  

But you shouldn’t choose a headphone solely based on what’s covering the earpads. Musical earmuffs are often sold as a complete set: the earmuff covering pre-stitched onto headphones.  You’re often buying a novelty rather than a quality product. Adding headphone covers to an existing headphone like the Bose QuietComfort 35 II or Sennheiser Momentum means you get to wear the headphones you want, choose the colour of your earmuff covers and then enjoy them whenever you want.  Take them off. Swap them onto another pair. Hibernate them in the winter — you’re in control.

We’ve found that a lot of musical earmuffs are marketed towards pre-adolescent girls and teenagers.  You’ve probably seen them around Christmas time sold as a gift set. It’s fine as someone’s first headphone or for a secret Santa present but it’s hardly suitable for —  say —  Martin, an audiophile hoping to capture the acoustics of Pet Sounds on his wintery walks to work.  You can add headphone covers to Bose, Beats, Wilkins Bowers, Philips, Microsoft, Sennheiser… don’t sacrifice sound quality just to keep your ears warm.


Earsnugz earmuff headphone cover 

What Are EarSnugz?

EarSnugz turn any headphone into musical earmuffs.  

The adjustable toggle system allows them to securely fit over the cushions of your headphone.  They’re easy to put on and they’re easy to take off. Made from hypoallergenic thermal grade material, they’re super soft against the ear ensuring that your ears stay warm throughout the winter.  There are 4 colours to pick from black panther, wolf paw, white rabbit and cotton candy. EarSnugz are hypoallergenic and water-resistant.

What Do They Do?

Soft and warm, EarSnugz will keep your ears toasty warm even on days where the wind is blowing itself in circles around you.  They’ll help make your earpads more comfortable, too, and should counteract some of the clamping effects often see with on-ear headphones.  

Will Wearing EarSnugz Interfere With The Sound of My Headphones?

Thanks to a special fabric blend sounds can easily pass through from the headphone offering full sound quality with almost zero loss.



What’s The Difference Between EarSnugz and EarHugz?

EarSnugz are earmuff headphone covers designed to keep your ears warm in the cold weather.

EarHugz are sweat-proof covers that wick moisture away from the cushions of your headphones during exercise.  Available in a range of designs to suit everyone, they’re the go-to gym headphone accessory.

Can I Wash Them?

Yes! You can machine wash EarSmugz at 40 degrees.  Although, you shouldn’t tumble dry or iron them. 

Is It true That EarSnugz and EarHugz Donate £1 to Charity with Every Sale?

Yes.  For every pair of EarSnugz or EarHugz sold, £1 is donated to the Mental Health Foundation.  Exercise has been shown to help relieve the milder symptoms of depression in some people. Going to the gym can also help to reduce feelings of anxiety, too. Having good mental health is so important which is why whenever you buy EarSnugz or EarHugz, you’ll help support the vital work of the Mental Health Foundation.





 Which one of our Earsnugz is your favourite? Drop us a comment below and let us know!


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