Headphone Covers for Bose 700

The Bose Noise Cancelling 700 headphone has replaced the QuietComfort 35 II as the company’s flagship model.  

Retailing at £349 ($399.95), the 700 NC has a bold new design to complement improved noise-cancellation and a slew of additional tech. 

11-levels of noise-cancellation
Quick interruption mode 
Audio augmented reality
4-microphone system for clear conversation
Optimised for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
Bluetooth 5.0 with a 30-foot range 33-hours of playback and 15-minute quick-charge

You can read more about the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphone 700 in our post about sweat-damage.

Initial feedback from both reviewers and consumers has been good, and we’re excited to see Bose continue to build-up the 700’s audio augmented reality feature. We’re intrigued, too, to hear Bose describe its latest release as ‘a defining moment in headphone evolution. Smarter and more capable than anything we’ve ever done before.’ 

Our biggest concern is that these headphones are expensive to buy.  Understandably so, and to be expected at this end of the market, but by most people’s standards, £349 is a lot of money to spend.  

Headphones Can Sometimes Break

We’ve burned through a lot of headphones over the years.  Some have been cheap, some very-cheap and others have been expensive.  There’s been on-ears, over-ears and in-earphones but if there’s one thing we’ve learned it’s that whatever the price-point, it’s important to take care of them because they’re all vulnerable to breaking. 

And if you’re annoyed at ruining a pair of £30 earphones, then imagine the absolute soul-shattering, heart-wrenching, oh no-shit-shit-shit catastrophe of breaking a pair of Bose 700’s.

A pair of headphones can break for any number of reasons but often it’s our own carelessness that does it. We don’t put them back in the case or we toss them into the bottom of our bag or throw them to the back of a locker or onto the backseat of the car.  We leave them out in the sunlight for the UV to turn them from bright white to nicotine yellow. We unplug them by pulling on the wire rather than the jack. We don’t clean them.  We’re terrible human beings for doing this. We should know better. We probably do know better, but we do it anyway.

Maybe we’d all be more careful with £349 headphones.

Or maybe not.  

Bose NC 700 headphones aren’t moisture-proof.  They’re not sweat-proof, either. The QuietComfort 35 II was the same and it made wearing them during exercise difficult.  Sweat is corrosive and it can get inside the headphone cushion leaving the faux-leather smelling unpleasant and weakening the material until it starts to crack, crinkle and peel.  Moisture that’s allowed to get into the internal components of the headphone can ruin them entirely. 

Why Would I Want to Sweat in My Bose 700s Anyway?

Some people use their headphones to listen to vinyl from the comfort of their sofas.  Some use their headphones on long-haul flights to cancel out the engine noise and the conversations of other passengers.  Others wear them during their commute or on public transport. Gamers sit for hours behind screens wearing them. But many other people also enjoy the noise-cancellation, the superb sound quality and the audio augmented reality when they’re working out and not everyone finds in-earphones comfortable.

Some activities produce more sweat than others.  Maybe you don’t exercise in your headphones but you live in a humid environment.  Moisture-proof covers for Bose headphones aren’t just for people who sweat heavily, anyway.  You might want to stop make-up staining the earpads or you might have to share your headphones with another person so a headphone cover is a hygienic necessity. They’re also a great way to accessorize your headphones as the 700 only comes in black and silver. 

What Are Headphone Covers Made From?

EarHugz headphone covers are made from a combination of polyester and spandex.  This gives them enough stretch to fit over the headphone cushion whilst the sweat-absorbent MAX-DRI fabric removes moisture without compromising on the quality of sound from the headphones. 

How Do I Wash Headphone Covers?

EarHugz are all machine-washable which makes it really easy to keep them clean and smelling fresh.  It also means your headphones can stay hygienic, too.  

What’s the Difference Between EarHugz and EarSnugz?

EarHugz and EarSnugz are both headphone covers and both look amazing on a pair of Bose 700 headphones but they’re designed to do different things. EarHugz are sweat-proof headphone covers: they prevent moisture damage due to excessive sweating.  EarSnugz are headphone earmuffs: they cover the cushion with a super-soft and fluffy material to help keep your ears warm in the colder weather.  



Young woman wearing grey EarSnugz Over Headphones


Do EarHugz Fit Other Headphone Models?

Absolutely, thanks to the super-stretchy material they’ll fit almost all types of headphone including the entire Bose, Beats, Sony and Phillips ranges.  Visit the Sizing Guide to see if your headphones are on our list.  If you don’t see them, then drop us a message and we’ll double-check before you order. 

Which EarHugz and EarSnugz Go Best with Bose 700 Headphones?

Bose 700’s come in two colours: black and luxe grey.  EarHugz offer a good selection of different colours and designs but here are a few of our favourites for the Bose 700.






EarHugz Range

Which EarHugz would you pair with Bose 700 headphones?  And what do you think about Bose’s new release? Drop us a message below and let us know. 

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