Headphone Covers for Bose


In 2017, Bose reported revenue of around $3.8 billion.  The company has been developing and manufacturing headphones, audio systems and equipment since 1964.  In the late 1970s, founder Amar Bose set up the Noise Reduction Technology Group and started working on noise-cancelling technology. Within a decade, the first noise-cancelling headphones were released.  More recently, Bose announced that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had given it the go-ahead to market a hearing aid device.  

You can buy a lot of tech from Bose.

You can buy accessories for its products, too, but you can’t buy headphone covers for Bose headphones —  not from the company, anyway.  You can purchase replacement ear cups but that’s not the same thing.

Fortunately, headphone covers for Bose do exist, they’re moisture-proof AND they come in a range of designs. You can even buy furry headphone covers for the colder months.  



Whatever you think about the sound quality of Bose headphones, it’s easy to see why people appreciate the design. Take the QuietComfort 35 II for example. It’s understated. It isn’t flashy. It has a serious and somewhat mature design. Bose might ask why you’d want to add headphone covers.  Many of its customers seem to like the design as it is. If you want something bolder, brighter or more colourful, then there are brands with a more louder approach to pattern and colour available to buy: Beats for example or Skullcandy, iMonster or House of Marley. 

Why Do I Need Headphone Covers for My Bose Headphones?


You probably don’t need us to tell you that Bose headphones aren’t cheap. You’re paying a premium for the name, the design and the technology and that’s got to be worth protecting. You might have noticed that your headphones have been taking a bit of a battering.  If you regularly wear make-up, then you might find that your foundation is rubbing off onto the cushions.  

If you workout or sweat heavily whilst wearing them, then you might be worried about sweat-damage.

You should be.

Sweat kills headphones. Bose actively discourages its customers from exercising in the QuietComfort 35s. Unlike Under Armor’s Project Rock headphones, which were designed for weightlifters, the QC 35 II isn’t designed to be used in the gym or during a workout. Your warranty doesn’t cover moisture damage caused by sweat.

And not everyone can comfortably wear in-ear headphones.

That’s why headphone covers with a wicking material are SO important. You should be able to wear your headphones wherever you want to including at the gym or in hot and humid climates, and this isn’t a problem specific to Bose. Sony, Beats, Phillips, Microsoft headphones —  all suffer from the same problem.   

If you’re not wearing headphone covers during a workout, then you’ll probably find that the faux-leather and memory foam cushioning will start to wrinkle and crack. Those beautiful headphones? They’re going to start looking ugly.  You may notice an unpleasant smell emerging, too, as sweat seeps into the cushions. Moisture inside the internal components of the headphone can cause your cans to malfunction and eventually break.


EarHugz are sweatproof headphone covers made from MAX-DRI™ + Machine Washable fabric making them invaluable to anyone exercising in QC 35 II’s.

If you suffer from exercise-induced acne as a result of wearing headphones, then EarHugz helps with that, too.  By quickly wicking sweat away from your face, there’s less time for bacteria to start growing.

Covers can transform how your Bose headphones look without you having to worry about applying a skin or buying another pair in a different colour. You can even match your cover to your outfit or to your mood.  You can fully reverse them to black, too, and still enjoy the sweat-proof protection of EarHugz without drawing attention away from your slick pair of Bose headphones.

Can’t I just Buy Replacement Ear Cushions?

If your ear cushions are damaged, then yes you can.  Bose sells replacement ear cushions on its website.  The cushions are black, however, so if you’re looking for a pop of colour then you’ll be disappointed. Wouldn’t it just be simpler anyway to protect your cushions in the first place rather than having to periodically replace them?

How Do I Put The Covers On?

The material is ultra-stretch so all you need to do it slip them over the headphone cushions and you’re ready to go. They’re just as simple to take off, too.

Can I Wear them in the Gym?

Absolutely! That’s literally what EarHugz are designed for. If you like running, weight lifting, walking, hiking, spinning...whatever you do, they’re designed to protect your Bose headphones from sweat damage.  You might also find them useful if you naturally sweat a lot or if you live in a hot and humid climate.

Are They Washable?

Yes —  they’re machine washable so you can use them again and again.

What’s the Difference Between EarHugz and EarSnugz?

EarHugz are sweat-resistant headphone covers designed to be worn during exercise or if you sweat excessively. They’ll also keep makeup and dirt off your cushions and will add a pop of colour to your cans.

EarSnugz are earmuffs that fit over the headphone cushion and are designed to keep your ears warm in cold weather.  Made from hypoallergenic, thermal grade super soft material, they’ll cuddle your ears when the temperature drops and allow you to keep listening to your music.  You can fit them onto your Bose headphones thanks to a tension toggle system.

Female wearing EarSnugz headphone covers in Starbucks

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, and if you buy three you get free international shipping, too.


Headphone covers for Bose might not be something that you thought about when you purchased your product but if you’re feeling a little bored of their design or if you’ve started working out, then they could be the pop of colour or promise of protection that you’re looking for.

Drop us a comment below and let us know how you’re getting on with your Bose headphone covers!

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