GymHugz Answers 8 Questions about Apple Beats Solo 3

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We’re being asked a lot about Apple Beats Solo3 headphones, so we’ve collected some of the more common questions and answered them so that anyone thinking of buying a pair can make an informed decision.

Are Beats Solo 3 Made by Apple?

Beats was founded in 2006 by Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine but was later bought by Apple in 2014 for $3 billion.  Apple’s acquisition of Beats gave the company an entry-point into the on and over-ear headphone market.

It also means that now Beats headphones benefit from Apple’s H1chip which gives longer battery life, faster charging, easy iOs pairing and hands-free Siri (although, only if you have an iPhone).

In December 2020, Apple released its AirPods Max: wireless over-ear noise-cancelling headphones retailing for around £550/$549.

It’ll be interesting to see what the future will be for the Beats range now that Apple has established itself in the big headphone market.


How Long do Beats Solo 3 Last Before Breaking?

There’s not a hard and fast answer as to how long a pair of Apple Beats Solo 3 headphones will last before breaking. Beats do have a reputation (especially among audiophiles and aficionados that) for being cheaply made with disappointing build quality. The headband can be particularly vulnerable to breaking but there are also issues with the headphone’s cushions; they can react poorly to moisture leading to cracking and peeling. This is why we recommend adding headphone covers to Beat’s headphones especially if you exercise when wearing them.

You can read more about when an engineer took a pair of Beats Solo HD headphones (retailing for $199) apart and found that the internal components were only worth $18.

All manufacturers mark up their products to make a healthy profit, but this seemed only to confirm the criticism that audiophiles have always levelled at Beats users: that the technology is poor, the build is poor, the sound quality is poor.

But you’ll still find many happy Beats customers.  It’s important to do your research before buying by reading reviews from trusted sources and, if you’re able to, try a pair on before purchasing. For every person whose pair broke after twelve months, you’ll find another who’s been wearing theirs for years.

Of course, longevity isn’t always down to the manufacturer alone.  How you wear and use your Apple Beats Solo 3s will make a difference, too.  We’d recommend adding a pair of sweat-resistant headphone covers; as well as keeping the headphones in a protective case when not in use, and also being careful about how often you’re emptying the battery and then charging to full. You don’t need to run Lithium-ion batteries down to zero and then charge them to full to keep them healthy as battery technology has moved on.

You should expect to get a solid four or fives year out of your Beats if you look after them carefully and providing there are no manufacturing defects in the product.


Are Beats Solo 3s good for gaming?

Beats Solo 3s are headphones rather than gaming headsets. You’ll need to buy a mic if you’re planning on interacting with other gamers as you play, but there’s no reason you can’t use them and, indeed, many people do. Certainly, it saves you buying an extra set of headphones but you may want to think about whether to buy open-back or closed-back.  Beats Solo 3s are closed back. Our post Open Back vs Closed Back for Gaming will explain how this can change your gaming experience but closed backs can be useful if you’re gaming in a noisier environment or if you want to immerse yourself fully with fewer external distractions.  Open backs allow ambient noise to pass through and give a more realistic experience, helping to identify the specific direction of sounds which can be important in some genres of game.


Can I buy covers for Apple Beats Solo 3 headphones?

You can buy headphone covers for your Beats. These will not only help keep moisture and stains off your cushions but they’ll also add a fab design or statement colour.


How to find lost Beats headphones?

Aside from thinking about where you saw them last and going from there? 

Lifewire suggests downloading an app called LightBlue and using your phone to connect to your headphones via Bluetooth, following the signal strength until you find them – a bit like a game of Marco Polo! When it says you’re close, crank the volume up and listen out for the sound playing through your headphones. You can download several apps which all say they can use Bluetooth connection to locate misplaced headphones.  Find My Headphones could be one option to try, but we’d recommend reading the reviews before downloading.


Are Beats Solo 3s wireless?

Yes, they are.  Although, they still come with a cable that you can attach if you need a wired connection or if your battery is running low.


Are beats made in China?

Yes, Beats are made in China.


Beats solo 3 won't turn off or reset

To reset Beats headphones, you need to hold the power button and the minus volume button down for 10-seconds. Try this before contacting Apple because they’ll only ask you to do it anyway.  This should fix any non-technical errors.  Make sure that your software is up-to-date, too.  You can do this by connecting your headphones to a computer and checking via the Beats Updater. If the problem persists, we’d advise getting in contact with Apple support.

You may need to send them off and get them repaired.  If you’re out of warranty, however, then you’ll have to pay to have them fixed.



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