Femme Up! How to Easily Make Headphones More Attractive


Gender-specific marketing is irritating so don’t worry, making headphones more attractive isn’t about adding pink glitter.

Women’s gym wear is a huge industry.  Anyone familiar with Gym Shark’s highly emphasised range of women’s leggings will understand how far women’s athletic wear has come.  Ladies now have a greater choice in design, style and price across huge ranges in clothing, footwear and equipment. You mightn’t think of headphones as a gym accessory, but we’d bet that most of you use music to help you workout. You buy a pair in a specific colour and then wear them until they need to be replaced (which could be years).

Say, for example, you buy a pair of Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones to wear in the gym.  Whatever you think about Beats headphones in general, you have to admit that they’re a sexy pair of cans.

The Solo3 Wireless comes in a choice of 10 colours including matt black, rose gold, gloss white, and red.

You pick your colour.  

You buy your Beats, unbox them, wear them out and about, take them to the gym, but then maybe you get bored of the colour.  We do it all the time: we get bored of things we use regularly and how often do we use our headphones - daily?

Say you work out in pastel blue gym leggings with a cute racer back top and your headphones don’t complement your athletic ensemble.

It’s hardly the end of the world, right?  

And they’ll be plenty of people reading this and thinking - so what?  BUT maybe it does bother you. Replacing a pair of cans is hardly a problem if you spent only £30 on them but what about working out in headphones that have cost £300+?  

Do you wish there was a way to give your headphones a new lick of colour or design without having to replace them?

With such a huge range of colours and shades for gym leggings, tops and trainers, it’s never been easier for women to accessorise and complement styles in their gym wear. Women, do it all the time for their work and for a night out so why shouldn’t they be able to make their headphones more attractive, too? And sometimes it’s easy for us all to take the gym too seriously.  If you’re in training for an event or maintaining your current levels of fitness, then it’s always nice to do something a bit fun or to add something to your gym bag that puts a smile on your face.

How to Make Headphones More Attractive

The simple answer?

You add sweat-proof covers to your headphone cushions.

Sweat-resistant headphone covers also stop makeup from staining the cushions
and they’re machine-washable.  Any moisture is wicked-away before it has a chance to seep into the padding and damage the internal wiring.  By getting rid of sweat quickly, too, it’ll stop them smelling like something died in your ear.

EarHugz come in a range of awesome designs.  If you’re not interested in colouring-up your headphones, Ear Hugs can all be fully reversed to black whilst still offering the same anti-sweat and makeup protection. 

Headphone covers can complement and enhance your gym kit, so we’ve found women’s gym wear that we think would look awesome paired with some of the EarHugz designs.

We’re not affiliated with any of the brands below nor are we receiving any incentive (financial or otherwise) by mentioning them.  We just think they make a pretty perfect pair :)



Cool water blue and lilac pastel pink come together in this subtle ombre tone that will look superb on headphones with a black, silver or grey headband.  Unicorn EarHugz fit most brands including the Skullcandy Hesh 3 and Beats solo headphones.  Unicorn EarHugz look amazing paired with Gym Shark’s Vital Seamless Leggings in dusky pink marl or with Forever 21’s Active Tie Dye Wash Leggings in lilac/multi.



Peachy ear hugs are ideal headphone covers for reminding you not to skip out on your glutes.  The colourful peach emoji design on a cool grey base will particularly suit silver, grey and black headphones and we think Peachy EarHugz would look stunning paired with Under Armour Tech Twist Short Sleeve Womens Training Top in Orange (try saying that after a few drinks…).  You’d look bangin’, too, if you paired Peach with the Shape Seamless Crop Top from MyProtein.




You don’t have to be political to appreciate that the UK has a very fashionable flag and one that lends itself very well to a coordinated ensemble.  Bold royal blue and red finished off with a weathered tint make these a real statement in the gym. These would look great on a pair of Red Studio 3 Beats or the recently released Microsoft Surface headphones.  Pair these Brexit EarHugz with Nike Dri-FIT Women's Training Trousers in dark grey heather or Adidas’s Believe This 3-Stripe Tights in royal blue.


Do you hula?  It might be hard to imagine the surfer’s paradise when you’re on the gym floor in a windowless basement sweating it out next to the world’s loudest grunter BUT there’s no reason why you can’t feel inspired by Hawaii even if its -10 degrees outside.  Hawaii Ear Hugs look great with the newly released Audio Technica ATH-M50xBT or matt black Beats Solo3 Wireless on-ear headphones.

Reebok’s Workout Ready Leggings would look awesome with Hawaii Earhugz and so would these Women's UA Play Up 2.0 Shorts in black with a flash of red on the sides.




We’re probably all guilty of taking the gym a little too seriously sometimes, so the Homer Ear Hugs are a great reminder that we can have a little fun when we workout.  The sprinkled frosted doughnut looks good enough to eat but is also fully-reversible to black if you’re worried about a cheat meal on your ears.
Homer EarHugz would look amazing paired with Gym Shark’s Dusky Pink Marl leggings or with a MyProtein pro-tech hoodie in pink.

And that’s how you make headphones more attractive.

Not seen something that you like? There are plenty of other designs on the Earhugz website including Rasta, Fruit Salad, Pride, Green Camo, Pink Camo and many more.


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