Exercise Bundles & Home Workouts During the Coronavirus Outbreak


Coronavirus is changing the way we workout. 

We LOVE the gym.

We MISS the gym, but we’re also excited (and so very relieved) to see a huge range of home workouts available online.

Until we can reclaim our gym memberships and take back our classes, we’re going to have to adapt to home exercise during lockdown.

For some people, it’s a simple switch, but what about those of us who don’t have the equipment, money or space to commit to a big gym setup at home?

You go back to basics and you keep it simple.

At-home exercise practices can be incredibly effective when they’re done correctly and with the right equipment, so we’ve got 2 fitness bundles to support your fitness goals during the COVID-19 shutdown as well as at-home exercises you can use with (or without) them.



Shop now survival bundle
  • Ab Roller
  • Premium Skipping Rope
  • Rubber Resistance Bands (set of 4)
  • Yoga Mat
  • Weight Adjustable Kettlebell

    • ariable Resistance Band Set 

      + Handles + Loop + Door Anchor

     Booty Bundle


    • Adjustable Fabric Resistance Band
    • Rubber Resistance Band
    • Tube Resistance Band
    • Ankle Straps (1 pair)

    Online Workouts During COVID-19: Cardio

    • Barry’s UK offers some of London’s toughest classes and they’re now offering some of their high-intensity classes on Instagram Live.

    • Chris Hemsworth’s Centr App is free for 6-weeks to anyone who signs up before March 30th. Expect HIIT, boxing, and yoga alongside nutritional advice and meditation.

    • So you've got your Survival Bundle but you haven't picked up a skipping rope since primary school.

      No problem. 

      Skipping is not only an effective way of burning calories but it’s a full body workout, too, and great for stability and stamina.

      Over on YouTube, Jump Rope Dudes maintain that when done properly, skipping to one of their routines could burn as many as 700 calories in 30 minutes.

      Here's a couple of videos to get you started:



    • Sweat It London is running classes on its Instagram page with a timetable rather aptly called F*ck Corona.  Full body workouts should get you sweating in your living rooms.

    Online Workouts During COVID-19: Yoga

    • Yoga improves posture, balance, strength, core and flexibility. Put it at the heart of your at home practice and you’ll see the benefits in other workouts, too.

      All you need is enough floor space to roll out the mat.

      Yoga can be a tough workout, too.

      Find the right class and the right focus and it’ll get you sweating.  Of find other classes that are more suited to those prone to injury or for anyone looking for a little thinking space during these anxious times.

      You don’t have to practice yoga on a mat but it’s useful if you’re exercising on a hard floor and will help support your wrists and knees, too.  We’ve included one in the survival bundle.

      There’s a tonne of yoga classes online.

      One of our absolute favourites (and one that is always free) is Yoga with Adriene on YouTube.

      Genuine, warm and a very talented teacher, she has a vinyasa for every situation as well as free 30-day programmes to help you make yoga a habit.

      She has a really, really cute dog, too.



    You can also watch videos on the Saturno Movement channel which has lots of free videos on mobility and stretching.

    You don’t have to be a yogi to see the benefit that a regular practice has on mobility and flexibility during the current lockdown.


    Online Workouts During COVID-19: Strength & Conditioning

    • Gymshark are offering conditioning classes on its app.  You can grab the equipment from items in your home.

      Resistance bands are an absolute lifesaver when you’re away from home and can’t get to the gym.

      It works the other way around, too: you’re stuck at home without weights and want to do some strength exercises.

      Resistance bands are included in both the Booty Bundle and Survival Kit.

      One of the biggest advantages to resistance bands is that they’re ideal for working out alone. You don’t need a partner to spot you and they don’t take up as much room (or cost as much) as a set of weights.

      Using resistance bands is something that you can do without following along an instructor but there are still some playlists and videos worth checking out before you get started.

      Chris Heria on the NX YouTube channel shows how to build muscle using resistance bands.

    The Athleen-X Youtube Channel also shows the best 8 resistance band exercise to help build muscle mass.

    Online Workouts During COVID-19: Core

    • Ab rollers offer one of the best core-strengthening opportunities out there.

      You just need some existing core-strength and a little bit of floor space. 

      Grab your ab roller as part of the survival bundle.

      Keeping the core contracted and the back straight at the same time is what makes this such a killer workout when done properly.  Home Training Hero says that whilst crunches only target a few muscles, ab rollers help you target 20.

      Want to find out how to use this small but supremely effective piece of kit?

      The guys from Mind Pump have three videos which go through the basics and demonstrate correct form.




    Online Workouts During COVID-19: Booty Workouts

    • Check out Psycle who usually offer spin classes but they’ve started live yoga, strengthening and barre workouts.  They’re doing regular 15-minute booty blasts on Instagram.

      We're all hoping that the UK and global lockdowns will be lifted in time for the summer so now is a great time to prep your summer body.

      Booty bands are becoming more popular as they engage the glutes and hips and can create phenomenal shape and strength. 

       Booty bands are a great way to ramp up your squat routine, too.

      Once you’ve ordered the Booty Bundle from EarHugz check out this HIIT    booty band workout to get started:


    • Looking to focus some attention on your inner thighs?  Inner thigh trainers can help improve your lower body strength and they’re great for when you’re doing something else too like watching the TV or getting some sun in the garden.

    • Once the lockdown has been lifted this handy device is small enough to travel with you, too.  So you can work on your blowing up your booty in years to come.



    Coronavirus might have closed the gyms but it hasn’t stopped our favourite workouts from coming to us. 

    Grab your survival or booty bundle (and a free COVID-19 face mask when you spend over £40) and put your isolation to good use.


    Drop us a comment below and let us know how you're working out during the Coronavirus pandemic. 


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