Do guys wear ankle socks?

So, do guys wear ankle socks? 

We think it’s a strange question to be asking in 2020 because guys can wear whatever they want.  They shouldn’t have to use an internet search engine to take social clothing cues from strangers.

Ankle socks, knee-high socks, crew socks, no socks… who cares?

But it’s a question we’ve noticed people asking a lot on Google.  It’s possible that some people still associate ankle socks with primary school children or young girls.

But guys can wear ankle socks, and GymHugz recently launched a high ankle sport socks collection.

And look a real-life man is wearing a pair.



Guys wear ankle socks in all sorts of scenarios: you might see them in the gym or worn underneath trainers or hi-tops.  Ankle socks can be worn with trousers in the office or casually with loungewear or jeans.

In the spirit of the new GymHugz sports sock collection, we’ve gone deep into some of the most common searches on the internet to find out more about socks in general.


What is the difference between crew and ankle socks?


Ankle socks cover the entire foot but stop either on or just above the ankle bone.  They’re quite a subtle sock because you usually won’t see them over hi-tops and some ankle boots.  If you wear them with trainers and regular shoes, there’s really only a flash of colour or design.  Ankle socks aren’t as bulky as crew socks when worn with trousers and will help your feet and calves stay cooler in the warmer weather.

If you’re not sure about wearing a pair of ankle socks, then you can always check out a high ankle sock

Crew socks are taller and often stop around the mid-calf.  They’re the more traditionally male sock and you’ve probably seen tennis players or sports personalities wearing them. They’re also popular underneath more formal trousers.

Of course, there is some differentiation in length with different brands.

You can also get trainer socks which will barely cover the bottom of the foot but which give the impression of bare feet underneath a high trouser or low trainer. These have become very popular in recent years.


Why do my ankle socks keep falling down?


One of the main reasons that ankle socks fall down is because the elastic doesn’t hold them up properly. This could be because the socks are cheap or that there’s not enough elastic to keep them up.  It can also be because over time elastic can overstretch either through extended use or washing.

Crew socks are more likely to fall down just because the elastic has a harder job to do: holding the sock up against the leg.

You may also find that your shoes are eating your socks because the sizing of the socks is wrong and you’ve purchased a size too big.  This is often more of a problem with crew socks because the elastic goes around the calf which will differ person-to-person.  It’s also worth remembering, too, that often when we buy socks it’s in a sizing range (size 6 to 11, for example) rather than how we buy shoes and trainers (in a size 6).


gymhugz socks


Do guys wear ankle socks to work out?


Yes, guys do wear ankle socks during exercise.  Often, they’ll be high ankle socks which means they’ll show over the top of the trainer and up the leg.  This is great for accenting a gym outfit but it’s also more comfortable and may prevent the top of the trainer rubbing against the bare skin of the ankle and above it.

Guys may also choose ankle socks that have arch compression. Arch compression gym socks can help prevent aches and pain in the foot that result for exercise. 


Are black socks hotter than white socks?


If you’re talking about whether black socks absorb more heat than white socks, then the evidence is pretty inconclusive.  The How Stuff Works website says that it doesn’t matter what you wear.  They cite a 1980s study which looked at desert-dwelling Bedouin’s who wear black robes even in intensely hot weather.  It appears that whilst black material may absorb more heat, it doesn’t necessarily follow that the heat then transfers to the skin.

Chances are your black socks aren’t going to make your feet any hotter than white socks.

If you’re asking whether black socks look better than white socks, that’s personal taste and will also depend on the colour of your trainers.  White socks can look amazing with black trainers but don’t always work as well the other way around.  Which you prefer will depend entirely on what your style and taste are.

We’ve added black and white sports socks to our new collection but for something a little different we’ve also got a selection of subtle tie-dye offerings that may convince you to add a pop of colour to your sock collection.

We hope that’s cleared up some of the confusion, lads. 

Men can wear ankle socks – mainly because this is 2020 and who even cares? 

We’re living through a pandemic and you’ve got bigger problems than old-timey erroneous opinions on masculinity, so grab all the ankle socks you can.

And grab a headband whilst you’re at it.








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