Colour Mix-and-Match: Winter Coats and Headphone Covers

Coat shopping is hard.  

Coats are the workhorses of a winter wardrobe.

Not only do they need to keep us warm but they should also be comfortable to wear and (hopefully) should make us look good, too.

Winter coats often serve multiple functions: the one you wear to a Christmas party, a trip to the theatre, a church service or weekend shopping trip might also be the one you wear day-to-day. For example, what you wear to work, for the school run or out grocery shopping.

Some people have a coat for every occasion.  Others prefer keeping their wardrobes small by having one decent and versatile coat throughout the winter season.

Not everyone has multiple winter coats for different events or occasions so you need to be practical in your shopping choices.


Back to Black

Black winter coats are always popular. They’re a perennial for most wardrobes. It goes with almost everything and is both slimming and understated.  You won’t stand out in a black coat.

Unless, of course, you use accessories. Headphones are the same. Most manufacturers use black because it’s subtle and it gives the design a sophisticated impression.  Black on or over-ear headphones suit a similarly coloured jacket or coat.

Of course, not all headphones are quite so colour muted.

Beats and Skullcandy have a range of eye-popping bold designs but whilst they can be a breath of fresh air, they can also be difficult to pair with clothing.

On those day when you’re not looking to make a statement, compliment your black coat and headphones with black panther EarSnugz for a classic and understated look.


 Woman in black coat in city




A lot of people think monochrome only means black and white, but that’s only half right.  Monochrome means ‘one colour’.  Outfits that are entirely blue or black or yellow or orange or red or purple, for example, are classed as monochrome.  Monochrome also still applies to the different shades of a specific colour, too. Blue denim jeans with a cobalt blue t-shirt, azure blue trainers and royal blue coat can still be classed as a monochrome ensemble.


girl in blue monochrome against blue wall


Black is an easy monochrome option.  We’ve probably all worn it at one time or another.  It’s particularly popular at funerals and MCR reunion concerts.

Pink makes a good monochromatic outfit, too.  Not necessarily a neon 80s aerobic ensemble, but a combination of softer pinks like blush, carnation, coral or rose.  If you’re tempted to look pretty in monochrome pink then add a pair of cotton-candy EarSnugz to your headphones.


Woman in fluffy pink coat



Taper Your Bold Coat

There are times when we don’t feel like being so bright and bold.  Maybe we want to blend in a little more.

Grey can help with that.

It’s no miracle worker but it is a neutral colour and one that sits well alongside vibrant colours and helps tone them down.  

Colours like fuchsia pink look fab against grey.

 Young woman wearing yellow coat



Red is a popular colour for winter coats.  It can be a bold and brilliant splash of colour on otherwise muted and gloomy winter days.  To save you from looking either like a Handmaid or Little Red Riding Hood, we suggest adding a pair of cotton-candy EarSnugz to your headphones rather than colour matching directly.

Man wearing red puffa jacket in a city



Use an Accent

A black coat or headphone can easily be lifted by adding colour.  Bright shades give a plain dark outfit real punch.  It can also help to break up a flat monochromatic ensemble.

You can do this through clothing accessories like scarves, gloves and hats but it’s also easy to do with headphone covers.   

The sweat-proof EarHugz range has some bold colours and designs that stand out perfectly against dark materials. 

Black EarSnugz look great against yellow, for example.  They disappear into the background allowing the coat to speak for itself.


 Woman in yellow hoodie




Snow Queen (or King) Vibe


White winter coats can be tricky. They can look fantastic but can also start looking dirty and grubby pretty quickly. 

It’s the same with white headphones, too. White works well as a monochromatic outfit when paired with black but too much white on its own and you could end up looking like the 5th member of East 17 at Christmas.

If that’s your look (or if you’d like cozy white covers on your headphones), then pair with white rabbit EarSnugz.


woman in winter white coat with furry hood



Matching your headphones and winter coat is a great way to accessorize this winter but EarSnugz aren't just about fashion.  They'll keep your ears toasty warm, too, and without compromising sound quality. 

EarHugz View the Range


Woman wearing cotton candy earsnugz

One size fits all headphones
Made from 100% allergy-free polyester
Durable, quick-drying and fade resistant.


    Drop us a message in the comments below and tell us which colour EarSnugz you’d wear with your winter coat ⬇


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