Buying Beats Solo3 Ear Covers

Originally released back in 2016, the Beats Solo3 headphone is about to be updated. Don’t panic if you already own a pair, though, as “The Club Collection” isn’t a tech upgrade, it’s a new range of colours.  Solo3 headphones are now available in even brighter shades. 

The Club Collection won’t be to everyone’s tastes.  The new shades aren’t exactly subtle and with no new added features or functions, there’s not much of an incentive for anyone looking to upgrade their Solo3s.  Unless, of course, you really do dig the new colours.

But what if you want to change the appearance of your Beats Solo3 headphones without having to buy a brand new pair from the Club Collection?  How can you buy Beats Solo3 ear covers when Beats just want to sell you new headphones?

Why Do Solo3 Headphones Need Ear Covers? 

Adding ear covers to headphones makes sense if you regularly exercise in them.  Sweat is corrosive and the damage can be irreversible. Replacement earpads are available but it’s an expensive trap to keep falling into and a policy of wreck and replace is only going to keep costing you money.   Ear covers provide headphone cushions with continued protection even if you're sweating excessively during exercise. 

When most people talk about Beats workout headphones they’re talking about earphones or earbuds.  And that’s what many of us assume gym headphones to be but some people can’t wear in-earphones during exercise.  They find them uncomfortable and too difficult to keep in the ear during a workout.  Wearing ear covers on big headphones gives everyone a chance to listen to music, audiobooks and podcasts comfortably.  And even if you’re still #TeamEarphone for your workout, then you’ll probably find ear covers useful for over and on-ear headphones in humid conditions and hot conditions. 



Ear covers can also make Beats headphones more comfortable.  No matter how much you love your Solo3’s, one of the biggest complaints about Beats headphones is its clamping effect.  The problem isn’t specific to this make or model, however. Even people who wear Bose, Sony and Sennheiser on-ear headphones complain clamping or pinching against the ear. 

Equally, you may find it painful to wear on-ear headphones in the cold weather. Otalgia is the medical term for ear pain and it’s relatively common during the winter.  As there’s no fat on the ears, they’re particularly vulnerable to wind and chill factor. Headphone ear covers aren’t just about protecting the cups or the cushioning but they’re also about making your Beats Solo3’s more comfortable to wear. Headphone earmuff covers are an easy and affordable way to make your Solo3s toasty and teddy bear warm.  

Ear covers are also a great way to change the appearance of your headphones without having to buy another pair or pay for skins.  When you initially purchased your cans you may have opted for a subtle or sensible shade and design but maybe now you fancy something a little different.  You might be feeling the heat and ready to add a tropical design to your ear pads.  You might be working on your glutes and decide that today is a peachy EarHugz kind of day. 

One reason that EarHugz are so popular is that all the ear covers are fully reversible to black so you’re free to switch between the design you chose and the plain unpatterned side that will blend in with your headphones. 

Buying ear covers can also help to cover up any existing damage to the cushioning.  People tend to buy Beats for the design, and it’s embarrassing when earpads are cracked, wrinkled and peeling.  This isn’t only a problem affecting Solo3s. A cursory Google search shows that even Bose ear pads can start falling apart in exactly the same way.  General wear and tear can cause it. The flex in the headphones when we take them on and off our heads can cause visible damage, too.  Often, it’s moisture damage caused either by excessive sweating or by the grease and oils on your face that have saturated into the material.  You can, of course, live with the damage, but it’s only going to get worse. Sweat can get inside the headphone, too, affecting how it works. You may find yourself replacing your Beats sooner than expected. 

Rather than hiding existing damage, we’d encourage anyone to prevent that damage occurring in the first place by adding ear covers. 


They’ll help keep make-up stains off, too.  

Ear covers are machine-washable which means that they’re useful if you need to share a set of cans with someone else.  We’d all think twice about sharing a pair of in-earphones in the gym but what about on-ear and over-ear headphones?  Bacteria can live quite happily on the cushions and is easily spread whenever we touch our face and other surfaces. Having your own set of hypoallergenic covers that you can add, remove and wash will not only help protect the headphone itself but help protect you from any nasties especially if where you workout is filthy dirty. 

Can You Clean Beats Solo3 Headphones? 

You can clean Beats headphones.  Although, it depends on what damage you're trying to counteract as to how successful that’s going to be.  

Your first step should be to wipe down the cushions with a microfiber cloth.  You may need to add a small amount of water if there’s a lot of dirt and grime to remove.  Liquid soap can help with this. You may be tempted to use alcohol but that can degrade the cushions.  Once you’re done, pat them down to dry or leave them to air in a ventilated space. 

You can remove the earpad entirely and then either give it a clean as mentioned above or you can replace the earpad.  The latter may be your only option if the damage is too severe or if there’s an unpleasant and persistent smell coming from inside the headphone.  Replace the earpad if you have to but then buy a pair of removable ear covers so that this doesn’t keep happening. 

How Do You Add Ear Covers to Solo3 Headphones? 

You can add covers onto your headphones in a matter of seconds.  Just press them around the earpad and you’re ready to go. Removing them is just as easy making them convenient to machine-wash or to swap to another design.  It’s far quicker, cheaper and easier than having to unstick the adhesive on your earpad to add a replacement cushion. 

How Do I Buy Beats Solo3 Ear Covers? 

You can buy sweat-proof headphone covers from EarHugz on the website.  You can purchase EarSnugz ear warmers there, too.  We ship around the world and for every pair sold £1 is donated to the Mental Health Foundation.

EarHugz Range



Which design would look AMAZING on your Beats Solo3s? Drop us a comment below. 

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