Buy Sweat Proof Headphone Covers at GymHugz

2020 has been a hot mess of a year, right? 

It’s been a garbage fire.

But despite the global pandemic (that followed widespread flooding and Australian wildfires – remember those?), we’ve decided to have a little shake-up ourselves. We’ve used the lockdown period to make a few changes to better reflect the products we sell.

So, if you’ve been on the website recently, you may have noticed we’ve had something of a re-brand. 

EarHugz is now GymHugz.

It’s the same family, the same products, the same sweat-proof headphone covers, the same blog (sorry, about that); the same everything, really.

But we wanted to reflect our shift into the home gym equipment market and we wanted a name that embraced everything we represent and sell.

If you’re looking for Olympic freeweight plates or dumbbell sets, then you’re probably not going to be looking for a site called EarHugz.

The gym has always been at the centre of what we do, so it makes sense to put that at the centre of our brand.

We’re still selling EarHugz, though!

Our moisture-resistant headphone cover collection isn’t going anywhere.

They now have their own section on the website.  Our sweat proof collection has recently expanded, and you’ll find a ton of fab new designs. 

So, if you’re looking for Beats headphone covers or ear hugs for headphones or even just something to style-up your over-ear or on-ear cans, then there’s no need to panic.

EarHugz is GymHugz and GymHugz is EarHugz – and you’ll also find some new products including gym accessories and even COVID-19 accessories to get you back into the gym and working out as quickly and as safely as possible.


What is GymHugz?


GymHugz is the new name for the EarHugz website.

Our range of sweat resistant headphone covers has its own section but you’ll also find home gym equipment to buy including Olympic bars and free weights as well as gym accessories including yoga mats and resistance bands. 


Are GymHugz and EarHugz the same website?

Yes, EarHugz has expanded into GymHugz so we’re now able to offer additional products alongside our headphone covers.


What are GymHugz Headphone Covers?

GymHugz headphone covers are designed to protect over-ear and on-ear headphones from moisture damage during a workout.  They’re also popular with gamers who wear headphones for extended periods and whose ear become hot and sweaty.

A little bit of sweat is one thing but many of us are perspiring heavily in our headphones and this can lead to the headphone material (often fake leather) to start flaking and peeling.  It often means the headphone cushion will start smelling unpleasantly, too. 

GymHugz headphone covers are made from moisture wicking fabric (the same used in athletic performance wear) which pushes the sweat to the surface of the material where it can be evaporated away from the headphone earcup.   The headphone covers can also be worn to stop make up rubbing off and staining the cushion. Gym Hugs headphone covers are machine-washable, too, and you can choose from a wide range of designs. It’s also a great way of personalising your headphones.



What’s the best sweat-proof headphone cover for my headphones?

Before ordering GymHugz headphone covers, it’s important to check our sizing guide so that you’ll receive a pair that fits your headphones.  Our designs come in regular and large sizes because on-ear and over-ears have different size earcups.  If you’re in any doubt, you can always drop us a message, too.

Otherwise, you can pick whichever design you most like the look of.


Why are my Beats headphones peeling?

Moisture damage is most likely to be the culprit.  To find out more about what’s happening with your headphones you can read a couple of our blog posts.

Why is the leather on my Beats headphones peeling?

Why are my Bose headphone ear pads falling apart?


Show me some GymHugz designs

Here is a selection of some of the original and newer designs.  Check the sweat proof collection store for all our other headphone covers.




Do GymHugz ship sweat proof headphone covers to the US?

Yes!  We offer worldwide delivery.  For more information, check out our shipping page.

Can I Still Buy EarSnugz?

Yes!  GymHugz EarSnugz (try saying that after a drink) are still available.  You can shop the collection here.

What are EarSnugz?

EarSnugz are fluffy headphone covers for the cold weather.  They’re headphone earmuffs that keep ears snug and warm during the winter.



Can I follow GymHugz on social media?

You definitely should. GymHugz is active on Instagram 

Do you have a GymHugz mailing list I can join?

You can sign up to the newsletter here (scroll to the bottom).  We promise not to bother you too regularly but when we do send out our email it’s often a heads-up of a discount code or a sale.







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