Beat Kicks in for Sweat-Proof Headphone Covers


Sweat-proof headphone covers protect Beats headphones from exercise-related moisture damage, and we’ve just added some superb new designs to our sweat-proof collection. 

Of course, you don’t have to exercise in order to benefit from moisture-resistant protection. 

Wherever you are when the Beat kicks in whether that’s on the commute to work, on the bus to school, out shopping or shuffling around at home, it’s a good ideal to protect your headphones.

Why Do I Need Beats Washable Headphone Covers?


What are the Best Beats Covers for the Gym? 

The best covers for Beats are moisture-wicking.

Cotton covers are fine for sitting at a desk but they’re not suitable during a workout. 

Cotton is a breathable fabric but it holds onto moisture, so sweaty cotton covers will feel uncomfortable and damp against the ear.  They won’t provide much protection from the corrosive effect of moisture on the earpads, either. 

Look for covers made from synthetic materials like polyester and spandex and with a specific indication of moisture-wicking such as Max-Dri or Nike’s Dri-Fit. The best covers are machine-washable. This keeps them hygienic and smelling fresh.

EarHugz Range


Good covers are hard wearing, too, after all if you’re working out regularly, then you need a pair that’s going to be able to keep up with you.  Durable covers won’t be something you’ll need to keep replacing so shop with a reputable brand like EarHugz

Looks aren’t everything, but if you’ve bought a pair of Beats then chances are appearance means something to you: adding headphone covers are a great way of giving them a fresh new look, a bold print or colourful design. You could also buy headphones to fit your personality or the persona you put on when you work out. Headphone covers aren’t just made for Beats headphones and sweat-damage isn’t something that only happens to this brand. 

Most on-ear and over-ears cans aren’t designed to be sweated in.  A quick Google search will reveal that customers of Bose, Philips, Sony and Sennheiser are also reporting cracked or peeling cushions as well as headphones that have completely broken due to moisture-damage.

 Woman in EarHugz Jumping in Gym


Good headphone covers aren’t just specific to one brand but should be available to all types and all sizes. Check the EarHugz sizing chart to see if yours are covered.  Covers should also be available for the size difference of over-ear and one-ear headphones, too. Double check before you buy to avoid disappointment.

Music is a big deal to us.

There’s nothing like putting on a pair of headphones, adding our EarHugz and getting stuck in.  When the beat kicks in you should be able to go hard and fast without worrying about sweat-damage. 

Here are some of our favourite designs that we think will look amazing on your Beats. 

EarHugz View the Range

Visit the EarHugz store and pick out your favourite Beats covers 😊 With every pair purchased, £1 is donated to the Mental Health Foundation.





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