8 Thoughtful Gym Gift ideas for Him

Buying Gifts for Men Who Gym 


It’s tough buying gifts for blokes even if you’re one yourself.  The shopping industry is built around the spending power of women and it’s easy to feel that this is an area dominated by females for females. It’s why so many men sack of shopping and leave it to the missus, right?}

Well, there’s no excuses now.

If you’re looking for thoughtful gift ideas for him - whether you’re a man or a woman - we’ve picked 8 gym-related presents that will work for Christmas 2018 and beyond. 

Maybe your exercise-obsessed work colleague is your secret Santa this year. Perhaps your partner is on a health kick and you’re looking for a thoughtful but practical present that they’ll use beyond January 1st.  Whether you’re buying gifts for a full-blown gym rat or a fitness newbie, there are plenty of choices both across the high street and the internet but to help get you started we’ve found a few ideas.

Gym gifts for men: welcome to the gun show

Best Gift for Secret Santa: Welcome to the Gun Show Mug

Is it even Christmas if there’s not a novelty present under the tree? And even if it’s not Xmas - even if it’s mid-July - then this is a fab little gift to give someone. Whilst it’s sure to raise a smile, it’s practical, too, because most of us use mugs or at least have them in the home for visitors.  This one is individual enough, so there’s no mistaking who it belongs to. Brilliant, too, for the man who thinks he’s God’s gift for lifting 5-pound weights.


Gym Gifts for Men: ProjectRock

Best Present for a Gym Rat: Project Rock Collection

Buy on UK Site
Buy on US site.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has collaborated with sports brand Under Armor on a range of gym wear and accessories.  The result is a well-crafted and rugged collection that not only looks good but is highly durable, too. Given that The Rock gym-tested the range himself - are you going to argue with that? There’s a smaller but still pretty decent range of ProjectRock on Under Armor’s UK website but for a wider selection including the new Blood. Sweat. Respect apparel, then shop on the US site and have your order shipped over.

Best Christmas Present for the Man Who Works Out in Headphones: Union Jack EarHugz

This is a MUST for anyone who works out in headphones.  Ear Hugs are sweat-proof headphone covers that sit over the cushions and stop sweat damaging the leather and internal electronics of the headphone. Not a fan of the Union Jack? Visit the EarHugz store to see more awesome designs.  They’re all fully-reversible to black, too.

Ear Hugs Range for Men



Gifts for Men who work out: magazine

Great Gift for the Man Who Likes to Read Fitness: Men’s Health Annual Magazine Subscription

A Men’s Health magazine subscription doesn’t even need wrapping up or delivering. It’s all done for you through the post and the recipient will get pages of fitness and health advice, interviews, recommendations and exercise and diet tips - it’s the best-selling men’s magazine in the UK and it’s easy to set-up an annual or limited subscription.

Men's gym presents: towel

Solid Gift for the Man Who Uses Gyms on Business: Microfibre Towel

This micro-fibre towel is quick-drying, lightweight and it folds up small into a gym bag or travel carry-on. It’s great for everyday use, but it’s especially handy if you know someone who uses the gym when they travel.


Present for Men who exercise: gym bag

Best Present for the Guy who Needs to Keep his Shit Together: Vintage Style Gym Bag

This smart and understated gym bag is generous enough in size to fit your kit inside but it’s compact enough to throw over a shoulder with little trouble. We love the design on this: simple with a vintage vibe that sets it apart from more sports-orientated gym bags. It could double-up as an overnight bag, too.

Bose Gym Headphones

Best Gift for the Partner, Brother or Son who Deserves Noise-Cancellation: Bose QuietComfort 35 II
£329.99 or £40 off if you order by December 31st

Okay, so these are obviously going to be for the most important gym rat in your life. They’re not cheap BUT Bose is an industry leader for noise-cancelling technology and what better way to work out than in peace and quiet.  Optimised for use with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, these are more than just headphones for casual listening. They’re a statement piece that will stay comfortable for hours at a time - ideal if the recipient travels a lot.  If you are planning on giving these to someone to exercise in, then make sure you make them gym-proof by adding a pair of sweat-proof headphone covers.


FitBit Gym Gift

Good Present for the Man Just Starting Out: FitBit Charge 3

A fitness tracker is a great present for anyone interested in getting fit but who’s not fully-fledged enough to deserve Garmin.  A FitBit strikes a good balance between actionable personal data, ease of use and price. It has a 24/7 heart rate monitor, is swim-proof up to 50 meters, and it can track how well your sleeping.  It’s lightweight, tells the time and syncs to your phone and other devices. It’s a good way to kick-start a new health regime for 2019.


GymShark Base Layers

Best Christmas Gift for the Ice Man: GymShark Base Layers

Getting up on a cold morning for a workout can seem like a personal battle.  Give someone a head start with something from Gym Shark’s range of base layers.  It won’t make opening the front door easier but it’ll make it easier to keep going once he’s outside.

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