7 Ways EarHugz Sweat-Proof Headphone Covers Can Smash Secret Santa This Christmas

Christmas present in gift bag

There are only 5 people in the known universe that genuinely enjoy Secret Santa: 4 of them are psychopaths and 1 of them is your work colleague.

It’s a ridiculous tradition.

As if Christmas wasn’t busy and expensive enough as it is, now you’ve got to shop around to get “something for Rita in accounts”.  

Who even are you, Rita?

Christmas isn’t about receiving but you just KNOW you’re going to end up with something shit.

Either something mind-numbingly practical like off-brand deodorant or scented lip balm in a box or some novelty tat that you’ll have to pretend is hilarious but that’s just going to end up in the bin.

Not only are you complicit in Bob from sales’ poor decision-making skills but also (when it goes straight to landfill) in the destruction of our planet, too.

Nice one, Bob.

Unless you’ve managed to rig the system, chances are you’re still going to end up with someone else’s piss-poor present.

Our advice is to team-up with another person in the same gift-pool and get them to drop subtle hints to your secret Santa that you’d rather have a pair of Lionheart EarHugz than a cinnamon candle.


What is Secret Santa?

For the fortunate few who have no idea what Secret Santa is, we’ll explain: a group of people each promise to buy one gift for someone else.

A maximum budget is set and everyone’s names are put into a secret draw.

You pick out a name and that’s who you’re buying for: you’re their secret Santa.

Meanwhile someone else in this hateful syndicate has pulled your name, making them your secret Santa.

It doesn’t always go smoothly.  There’s always someone trying to guess who has who, asking to swap for someone they know


Why You Should Buy EarHugz for your Secret Santa This Christmas


They Keep Headphone Covers Clean and Fresh

EarHugz aren’t just headphone covers for gym rats.

Whilst we’re really proud of the moisture-wicking capability and how they handle sweat during a workout, they also protect headphone cushions from makeup stains, general dirt and grime.

Ideal if the person you’re buying for commutes into work wearing on-ear or over-ear headphones.

The covers help to keep earpads fresh and hygienic.  It’ll work, too, if you live somewhere with a hot and humid season: we don’t just sweat because of exercise, after all.

Maybe the person you’re buying for is someone who sweats excessively no matter the weather.  Adding moisture-resistance covers to your earpads helps the cushions last longer.  

It’s a practical gift, too.

God forbid that someone could actually get a present they genuinely use and enjoy.

Don’t think EarHugz are quite right for your secret Santa gift?

Check out our range of EarSnugz fluffy earmuff headphone covers.

 EarHugz View the Range


There's a Wide Range to Choose From

EarHugz just released 15 new designs so there’s never been a better time to visit the store.

Whether your gift is for a man or whether you’re choosing something for a woman, all EarHugz have reversible designs, so even if you pick the wrong one, the recipient can always flip them over and still enjoy moisture-proof protection.


EarHugz are Sweat-Resistant

If your secret Santa works out in the gym, you’re helping them take better care of their headphones.  Sweat-damage is serious; it’s one of the main causes of headphone breakage.

Moisture cracks and peels the leather material on the earcups, making them smell unpleasant, too. Your gift might give them the chance to take their favourite pair out with them on a run, at the rack or to a class.

Most people don’t wear their favourite headphones in the gym because they’re worried about ruining them. That’s what makes EarHugz are an essential gym bag accessory.


You’re Making a Charitable Donation

Good mental health is vital to a person’s wellbeing.  It’s been shown that exercise can help reduce the effects of mild depression.  A workout helps with anxiety, too.  For every pair of EarHugz sold, £1 is donated to the Mental Health Foundation so with your purchase you’re helping more than just the recipient of your gift.


They’re Easy to Wrap

EarHugz are really easy to wrap up. They’re small and scrunch down and you won’t have to wrestle Sellotape into corners or work yourself into downward dog trying to wrap it up.

Ideal for Co-Working and Open Plan Offices

More people are now wearing on and over headphones in open-plan offices because people won’t shut up, phones keep ringing, Carole in HR yawns loudly, Jim won’t shut up about his kids and nobody can concrete anymore.

Fair enough.

We’re big fans of noise-cancelling headphones and more office workers than ever are wearing them in the hope of sustaining concentration in distracting environments. 

If you’re stuck on which design to choose, then you can always buy an EarHugz gift card and let them choose which they’d like to buy. If you’d like to see what each design looks like on real people check out the EarHugz Instagram page.

Even remote workers and freelancers can get involved.  EarHugz has worldwide shipping!

Okay, we may have been a little unfair about the whole Secret Santa thing but let’s face it – we could all do without having something extra to buy during the busiest period of the year.

It’s especially difficult when we don’t know our colleagues very well.  Which is why so many of us end up giving or receiving generic and uninspiring gifts chosen with little or no thought.

And who knows, put the work in this year and next year maybe you’ll get something a little less crap.

Visit the EarHugz page to see our entire range 😊  maybe pick up a pair for yourself, too.

Why not?

It’s Christmas. 

EarHugz Range

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