5 Reasons to Buy Sony Headphone Covers

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Big headphones aren’t just for audiophiles.

Whilst they might appear to be the antithesis of portability, over-ear (and on-ear) headphones are now frequently worn on-the-go. Whether that’s in the gym, during a weekday commute, on long and short-haul flights, or during the workday in open-plan offices.

So, there’s no reason not to wear your Sony headphones when you’re out and about but wearing them outside your home and in the wild does mean taking extra care of them. 

Buying Sony headphone covers is one way of helping to protect your headphones from damage. After all, you’ve potentially paid hundreds of pounds or dollars for your cans, so keeping them clean and in good working order is important.

You may already have a cleaning regime in place but it may not be enough to keep your headphones looking good.

Still not convinced?

Why You Need Headphone Covers for Your Sony’s

Headphone Covers Stop Stains

Sony headphones are vulnerable to dirt and dust the moment they’re out of the box.  Marks and stains may not be noticeable at first (unless you’re wearing them at Glastonbury or during a Tough Mudder event), but without a consistent hygiene practice in place, they can quickly start looking grubby.

Naturally occurring oils on the skin and face can discolour the earpads. Makeup and moisturiser can rub off onto the cushions staining those, too.

Any surface you put the headphones on or against could transfer dirt and grime onto the fabric.

Of course, there are things you can do to help reduce the number of stains. You can wipe the cushions over with a lint cloth. For particularly stubborn stains, you can use soapy water (being sure to dry them completely afterwards). We wouldn’t advise using cleaning solutions too regularly as over time they can break the material down. Wiping your headphones over will help reduce the amount of dirt building up but it’s probably not going to be enough in the long run as you’re only removing stains and marks that are already there.

Adding covers to your Sony headphones is one of the few proactive things you can do to keep them clean and fresher for longer: you can prevent those stains appearing in the first place.


Buy Sweat-Proof Headphone Covers

If you’re exercising in your headphones, then sweat-proof covers are an absolute must.  Sweat is corrosive and can seep into the cushions causing the headphones to crack and peel.  It can also leave them smelling like month-old laundry.  Over time, sweat can even cause damage to the internal electronics of your Sony’s reducing their sound quality and leaving them unusable.

EarHugz are sweat-proof covers that can easily be added to Sony headphones. Made from moisture-wicking fabric, they move sweat to the surface of the material where it’s then quickly evaporated away.  EarHugz are also machine-washable so they’re hygienic and ready to protect your headphones no matter how sweaty your workout is.

It’s worth mentioning, however, that it isn’t just Sony headphones that need sweat-proof covers.  Beats, Bose, Phillips, Skullcandy… they’re all prone to sweat-related synthetic leather damage, too.  Whilst many of these brands, Sony included, do sell replacement cushions, it’s far more cost-effective to buy a single-pair of headphone covers and to then keep re-using them. 

Accessorize Your Sony Headphones with Covers

Sony has some good-looking headphones in its collection but it’s good to have a change.  Headphone covers add temporary colour or motifs to your earpads.  You can put your personality into Sony’s functional design.  If you’re not into patterns or colours, then you’ll be pleased to know that EarHugz are also all fully-reversible to black.

EarHugz has a wide range of different colours and styles so they make a superb gift option, too.  Can’t choose which one to give as a present? You can give them the choice with a gift card.

Headphone Earmuff Covers Keep Your Ears Warm

Headphone covers aren’t just about protection from stains or sweat damage. They can also help to keep your ears warm in the cold weather.  EarSnugz are fluffy headphone covers that you can add to your Sony cushions to provide teddy bear soft comfort and warmth in the winter.  They’re hypoallergenic and easy to wash, and they look great on Sony cans.  Black Panther EarSnugz, for example, pair perfectly with Sony 1000XM3 headphones.  What’s great, too, is that they don’t compromise or interfere with sound quality.



Stay Hygienic with Headphone Covers

Covers also provide protection against the kinds of bacteria that can live and spread on headphone cushions.  Think about where you leave your headphones: inside gym lockers, on the floor, on tables, on public transport seats… This is especially important if you’re exercising in headphones as bacteria can easily spread when you’re sweating. If the cleaning regime in your gym isn’t up to standard, every time you touch any equipment and then your face or headphones, you’re helping spread germs that can then multiply on your cushions. You might choose to wipe down your earpads with an antibacterial wipe but we wouldn’t advise doing that too regularly as this can affect the material on the earpads.

EarHugz are machine washable and the easiest way to keep your headphones hygienic.

EarHugz are a great addition to your Sony headphones.

They’ll help keep them clean and hygienic.  They’ll protect them from sweat-damage during exercise, and they’ll add a pop of colour and personality to your earpads. You might also want to winter-proof your headphones with EarSnugz to keep your ears toasty warm in the biting wind.  Both ranges of headphone covers are an affordable and stylish way to protect your Sony headphones.  Be sure to explore both collections below and visit EarHugz on Instagram to see some of the superb designs in action.


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