5 Reasons to Buy Beats Solo Headphone Covers

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Apple released the Beats Solo3 Wireless Club Collection earlier this year. 

You may or may not be a fan.  

A couple of the colour combinations are…interesting? 

Yeah, let’s go with interesting. 

Beats has a history of bold colour choices and whilst there’s no word from Apple on plans to release the Solo4, it’s likely that we’ll see similarly bright colours on later Solo iterations.

Choosing a bright or bold colour for your headphones might be a great idea when you first buy them but what happens six months or a year later when you’re bored with them?  Maybe you opted for club white? How are those brilliant bright white earpads looking since you started jogging to work?

5 Reasons to Buy Beats Solo Headphone Covers

To Prevent Stains and Marks

We all want to keep our Beats Solo headphones as box-fresh as we can but it’s not always easy.  Wearing them regularly can leave them looking tired and stained. 

The general advice is to clean them but you should be careful when doing this as anything stronger than a little soap and water can cause further damage. 

Headphone covers take the brunt of makeup stains, grease, sweat and dirt rather than the cushion itself.  These covers can then be thrown into the washing machine and then re-worn.  

To Stop Sweat Damage

Sweat is a useful bodily function but it kills headphones.  The earpads on your Beats Solos will crack and then peel if moisture is allowed to seep into the cushions.  It will leave an unpleasant smell, too, and only grow worse with time.

It is possible to replace the headphone cushions and to clean them but the problem is only going to keep reoccurring. 

Sweat-proof headphone covers wick moisture away and prevents it from penetrating the cushion and causing a problem. 


If you exercise in your Beats Solo headphones, then sweat-proof covers are a necessity.  The Solo range wasn’t designed for workouts and your warranty won’t cover you for damage caused by excessive sweating. 

Headphone covers aren’t just for gym-bunnies, however. Anyone who sweats when listening to music can benefit from moisture-wicking covers. 

It isn’t only Beats Solos that benefit from covers.  The earpads on almost all headphones can be damaged by sweat. 

Sweat doesn’t really give a shit about how much you paid for your cans. Bose, Beats, Sony, Skullcandy...it’s all the same. 

Fortunately, EarHugz fits almost all brands of headphone.

EarHugz Sweat Proof Collection


To Change Up the Appearance of Your Beats Solos

Maybe you fell hard and picked Club Yellow covers from the Beats Club Collection.  Maybe you have a pair of Solo2s in bright pink or maybe you regret choosing black. 

There’s not much you can do to change the overall appearance of the headphone although, it's easier to tone up colour rather than to tone down. Buying in black does leave more room to customise later on. 

Headphone covers can’t change the headband or the outer components but they can add colour or design to the earpads. They can be as brash or as subtle as you’d like and are easily added and removed, so when you’re ready to return to the original cushion you can. 

EarHugz are more than just their moisture-wicking ability.  They have some fab designs, too. All of which are completely reversible to black.  

Keeping Your Beats Hygienic

Sanitary disposable headphone covers aren’t particularly attractive to wear but they do serve a vital purpose: preventing germs from spreading on communal headphones. 

Bacteria lives and grows on our faces and when we sweat it can become a breeding ground.  Most people wouldn’t share earphones but we shouldn’t be sharing headphones, either. 

You might work in an environment where you regularly have to share them, however.  You could be a friend at school who enjoys passing new music around a common room.  Maybe your housemate is always borrowing them to stream Netflix. Whatever the reason, it’s not advisable to share headphones without using a hygienic cover. 

We’re probably also all guilty of being a little careless with them especially if we’re training or if we’re on-the-go. You might throw yours into the bottom of a gym bag, put it on a bus seat or on the floor. 

Earhugz are machine washable and they’re really easy to add and remove from the cushion. 


Keep Your Ears Warm

Covers aren’t just for people who sweat excessively or who exercise wearing headphones.  You can get headphone earmuff covers, too, that help to keep your ears warm in the cold weather.  They’re big and fluffy and they fit over the earpads of almost all headphones.  They’re especially helpful if you suffer from Otalgia - ear pain in cold weather. 

Tempted to add headphone covers to your Beats Solo3s?  Visit the EarHugz sweat-proof collection and discover the fantastic rage.  You’ll find EarSnugz there, too. 

Once you’re there, make sure you subscribe to the EarHugz newsletter to hear about exclusive subscriber discounts, promotions and news. 



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