5 Reasons EarHugz Sweat Proof Headphone Covers are the Perfect Gift for your Gym Freak Boyfriend

Gym Freak lifting weights wearing headphone covers


Your man loves the gym, and you love him but you’ve got no idea what to buy a gym freak boyfriend.

And there’s only so much gym-related shit you can buy for someone, right?

There’s the water bottle, the microfibre towel and bag, the Gym Shark leggings

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re dating a gym rat or a gym bunny.

Gym rats take it as a point of pride that they’ve worn the same baggy vest since 2012. 

Gym bunnies probably already own the best kit.

So, you’re looking for a gym accessory that can work for both kinds of fitness freak.

Hear us out.

Something from the EarHugz Sweat-Proof Collection would be PERFECT.

 Man lifting weights seated wearing headphones

EarHugz are masculine AF

We know his type: the static bike is his war horse, the treadmill his Spartan lap of honour and weights? Probably some weird metaphor for his junk. What if we told you EarHugz are so manly that Chuck Norris exfoliates his face with them. #TrueStory.

He’ll love them.

For the proud American gym-freak - PATRIOT EARHUGZ.

The Stars and Stripes are 100% Full Metal Jacket in his ears. They’re the sweat-proof equivalent of Pearl Jam playing in the middle of a desert as an eagle eats a snake on a burning tyre.

Given that Brexit is now the buzz-word for impotence and incompetence, you could be forgiven for thinking that these EarHugz aren’t worth the spandex they’re printed on.


Think less Boris Johnson and more James Bond.

The bold red, white and blue design is just as effective at protecting headphones from sweat damage as any other in the collection.  

Big Boys Love Army Role Play 

EarHugz has a range of camouflage prints; it’s one of our most popular designs. 

Guys love camo.

GI Joe Fetish or a desire to disappear into a tree line and connect with nature – who knows?

Vintage camo has only just dropped into the store.  But next time your partner is taking a gym selfie wearing a pair, ask him if he wants be to seen or not.  

Cover Up

We all love aspirational sayings, but whilst yours might be Live. Laugh. Love. His is probably more like sweat is just weakness leaving the body, or it ain’t about how many times you fall down

Neither of which is pleasant enough to hang on the wall of your home, but it is an ethos to live by.

Gym-freaks love sweating hard.

The problem is that sweat-damage is a sure-fire way of ruining headphones.

Moisture inside the cushions smell and look bad.

We’ve seen plenty of examples of the leather peeling on Beats headphones. And the same is true for almost all brands of headphones even the premium ones.

Lionheart is one of the newest designs in the collection. 

When asked, most men would probably compare themselves to the king of the jungle (some would be better suited to a weasel or cockroach, ya hear), so it’s always a safe-bet for a gift.

Just don’t tell him that in the wild lionesses are better hunters.

Thanks to its moisture-wicking fabric, EarHugz stops sweat before it gets into the headphone. Less money spent on new headphones means he can spend more money on flowers, chocolates and more time saying buy yourself something pretty, sweetheart.

SO Easy to Wrap Up

EarHugz are so easy to wrap.

You can literally throw them into a tiny giftbag.

His fat manly gym-fingers will make light work of the packaging. 

If your gym-freak boyfriend is currently doing 5 to life, then they’re cheap to post, too. Buy him three pairs (two for his cellmates, maybe) and you’ll get free shipping and we can send them direct.

He’ll be the belle of the exercise yard.

EarHugz are all reversible so even if you order him a pair of Unicorn EarHugz, he can flip them inside out for a shark grey cover.


Can’t choose which design to pick?

Load up an EarHugz gift card so that he can choose his own.  We all know he’s more Peachy than Beast but let him have this, it’s his present.

Unsure which size cover to choose?

Find out what type of headphone your partner has and then check our sizing guide.

Men can be pretty terrible at managing their own mental health. It’s tough trying to live up to the expectations of what masculine is and what a man should be.  With every pair of EarHugz sold, £1 goes to the Mental Health Foundation. Your purchase is helping to continue their excellent work, so unless you’re sponsoring a goat through Oxfam in his name, it’s a pretty selfless gift 😊


This is obviously all very tongue-in-check post. What is it about some gym websites and their toxic OOH-RAH! BS.  Your gym freak boyfriend or girlfriend might be the total opposite. 

EarHugz fit headphones, not stereotypes.

Whether you’re buying for a man, a woman, buying for neither, or for yourself, exercise can help to improve the symptoms of mild depression and a good workout can relieve some of the effects of anxiety.

Living well is important and sometimes the right gift is all you need to nudge someone in the direction of better physical or mental health.

Maybe you’re looking to keep on top of fitness goals over Christmas or maybe you want to give the gift of moisture-proof headphone covers to your secret Santa. Whatever time of the year you’re buying a gift and whoever your buying for, EarHugz are an essential gym-bag accessory.


View the sweat proof range

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