5 benefits of training in high ankle socks with arch compression

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Training puts a lot of pressure on your feet.

And whilst we might put the effort into picking out sports trainers and sneakers, it’s unlikely that most of us are thinking hard enough about our training socks.

Most of us are probably just using the same ones we wear in our day-to-day lives: ankle socks or trainer socks or liners.

But should we be more careful about what we’re putting on our feet? And what are the benefits of training in high ankle socks with arch compression? And is it worth buying a pair for your next workout?


Why are good training socks important?


You sweat when you workout; your feet are no different from any other part of your body. When your feet sweat you have a higher risk of getting a blister or an infection and either one of these things could have a real impact on your training schedule.

You may notice that your socks start smelling, too, and that can be embarrassing if you’re around other people.  For sweaty feet, it’s a good idea to look for performance socks that wicks moisture away from the material quickly.

Anyone regularly running or lifting might want to consider a sock with arch compression.  When we walk or balance or press into a standing position we’re putting a lot of pressure onto the arch and this can cause discomfort and inflammation in that area. Arch compression socks help support this part of the foot and can make exercising more comfortable for longer.

Runners might also like to look at socks that have some level of shock absorption to reduce the impact of repetitive striding on hard surfaces.

Socks can be difficult to keep on our feet when we’re moving. The last thing anyone wants is to stop mid-stride or mid-set to slip a loose sock back onto our foot.  You should be able to concentrate fully on what you’re doing rather than having a wardrobe malfunction.


What are arch compression socks?


Arch compression socks support the arch of the foot.  Our arches take a lot of stress throughout the day but when we’re exercising this pressure only increases.  Some people may then go on to suffer from aching and fatigue in their arches which can be frustrating even during day-to-day activities like walking. 

The arch is supported by the plantar fascia which is a ‘thick weblike ligament’ connecting the front of the foot to the heel. It’s important for walking and helps absorb some of the shock when we walk. If you’re walking or running regularly on hard surfaces you’ll probably understand why it’s so important to have an arch-supporting pair of socks but arch support is also important even if you lift regularly. 


4 Benefits of high ankle socks with arch compression:


  1. They support the arch and reduces the risk of pain and fatigue in the ankles. This is especially important for anyone exercising on their feet for extended periods.

  2. Ankle socks won’t tighten around the leg and feel uncomfortable. Full-length compression socks aren’t necessary for everyone.

  3. Ankle height makes them a subtle addition under leggings, trousers and shorts.

  4. Can be worn for all sorts of exercises or activities where you may need additional arch support.  Easy to key, easy to use in a range of situations, too, even those non-gym related.

Of course, they look great too and can complement a gym kit.  You should check out the latest addition to the GymHugz store and don’t forget to colour match our new headbands, too.


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