10 Terrific Fitness Gifts to Buy for Her NOW.

Woman Receiving Fitness Christmas Gift

Christmas 2018 is fast approaching and it’s time to start thinking about which fitness gifts to buy for her.

And who exactly is her?

Your partner, perhaps, or your mother or sister or aunt or friend. It could be a much-loved colleague or a much-dreaded secret Santa.  It could be a little sneaky pre-Xmas treat for yourself and why not? It’s the season of giving (even if you’re reading this in July 2020).

Treat yourself.

Gifts for gym junkies can be expensive so we’ve tried to compile ideas at a range of different price points.  If you’re not into fitness yourself, it’s tough choosing something for someone who is. There’s a lot of crap on the internet and although a novelty gift might raise a smile on Christmas morning, it’ll probably end up at the back of the wardrobe by new year - so it’s worth thinking carefully about which gym-related presents to buy for the important women in your life.

Aside from EarHugz, we’re NOT affiliated with any of the products below. Drop us a comment in the box at the end of the post and let us know which fitness gifts for women you picked this year.  Or - even better - which gym present did you end up keeping for yourself.

Best Fitness Gift for A Gym Bunny Secret Santa or Work Colleague 

Drop it like its squat mug

Personalised Mug - Gym Life.
£9.99  GettingPersonal.co.uk

This simple but thoughtful gift will show that you’ve paid attention to all the gym-related chatter that’s been floating around the water cooler this last year. Exercise is an important element in some people’s lives and you’ll score some killer brownie points with this mug.  With a choice of four personalised messages, it’s an ideal stocking filler. You can add the recipient's name onto the mug up to 25 characters like

“Sarah drop it like a squat”

Best Fitness Present for a Sister or Close Friend

Gym Now Gin Later Grey Jumper

Gym First Gin Later Jumper - Not on the High Street

It’s as if the entire world has gone ga-ga for gin in recent years.  This grey jumper is an ideal gift for the woman perpetually tempted to swap an armbar for a gin bar.  This would be a fab addition to a sweat-crawl near you, too.

Best Fitness Gift for the Woman Working Out with Headphones

 The Homer - Earhugz

Sweat is corrosive and over time it will kill headphones.  These sweat-proof covers slip onto the cushions of the headphone to protect the leather from moisture and makeup stains. These come in a superb range of designs and £1 from each sale goes to the Mental Health Foundation.

The EarHugz Black Friday Sale kicks off today - make sure you save £££ and $$$ by ordering this weekend!

EarHugz View the Range


Best Gift for a Partner, Daughter or Mum Always on the Go

Gifts for Gym Women: FitBit VersaFitbit Versa

This combined smartwatch and fitness tracker is a whole heap cheaper than the Apple Watch but it still has some great features.  It’s lightweight and water resistant to 50-meters so it’s great for swimmers. This is perfect for those who’d like to track their fitness but who don’t need GPS or any of the bells and whistles of the more expensive big brands. 

Best Gift for the Best Friend Who Forgets She Has Gym Membership

Gym Gifts for Females Socks

Not On the High Street

Some people LOVE the gym and others need regular reminders.  Some prefer the sofa to the spin class. These fun socks are ideal for lazy days when it’s 100% fine to skip leg day and put your feet up. 

Best Gift for the Gym Bunny Who Reads

Women's Gym Gifts: Magazine Subscription

 Subscription to Women's Health Magazine
11 issues for £29.99

There’s so much information on the internet that it can be a little overwhelming, so it’s great that Women’s Health has so much expert advice packed into a glossy magazine.  The fact that it’s delivered, too, means you won’t even have to wrap it up.

Best Fitness Present for the Woman Who Works Out Hard

Women's Gym Gifts Under Armor Leggings
Under Armor Perpetual Leggings 

 Leggings should be easy to move around in and for the woman who takes her workout seriously, it’s not the type of thing you should be trying to pick up for cheap. Nobody wants to moon the gym floor during a squat. Under Armor have a fab range at the moment. We’re pretty taken by the Perpetual Range.

Best Christmas Present for the Woman Who needs Noise-Cancellation

Sony WH1000XM35 Wireless Headphone

Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

These were recently described as ‘the worlds best noise-cancelling headphones’ They're amazing inside the gym and beyond it - noise-cancellation is a MUST on long haul plane rides, train trips and commutes. Just remember to pair them up with sweat-resistant headphone covers so they can be worn in the gym.

Best for the Woman Who Keeps Saying She'll Join a Gym

Picking a gym is tough and it's kind of personal. But if you know someone who’s been on about joining for AGES then why not help them out and buy them a pay-as-you-gym pass. These allow users into a selection of local gyms on a pay as you go basis - meaning you can try before you buy into annual contracts. It’s fab, too, if the person travels a lot as they can pop into gyms around the country.


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